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  1. Is it really any surprise we are getting battered. Any team needs a midfield to protect the defence. Poor recruitment and a huge oversight to leave us so lightweight in the middle of the park.
  2. Think Vale will walk through our midfield if they are anything like on it
  3. Lowest scorers v worse defence in the league....could be a classic!!
  4. From the little I've seen I agree. Granted he may not have made all the signings, but he is the coach and it's pretty clear the system he's playing is not working with the players we have. Looking at our squad can anyone honestly say it's the worst squad in the EFL? Yeh bottom half of the league maybe but fucking bottom... You can tell from the press conferences Kewell hasn't a Scooby. I say change it now. It can't get much worse
  5. Sums things up Yarddog....I'm fucking glad I can't go and watch this season...saves loads of time and cash
  6. I've been quite clear on here about my views regarding the current owners and their complete inadequacies. However it does appear they have spent/invested/pissed up the wall, a considerable amount of cash, and got very little back,( bar the George sale) whilst the club has continued to nosedive towards the National League. So if indeed they are laundering any money they seem to be doing a pretty shit job at that as well...which is hardly surprising as they have done a pretty shit job at everything they have gone near since the day they arrived...apart from dismantling and destroying
  7. Performance embarrassing... Manager seems clueless... Another embarrassing club statement appears then disappears... Players being frozen out 2 weeks into the season A week ago I actually had some optimism... I now just can't be arsed after attending games for 45 years Please just fuck off you incompetent pricks!
  8. In the words of Jim Bowen...come and have a look what you could have won!! How much did Corney cash in our sell on clause for...
  9. Like this type of signing. Right level of risk/reward without we assume breaking the bank. If he turns out shit very little lost, if hes a star then happy days. I bizarrely have a level of optimism that has eluded me for a few seasons ....at least on the field anyway. I guess as we have sunk so low that's not difficult though!
  10. Maybe we are looking at salaries ...not sure on what Rowe is on a week but like Wheater I'm sure he's a relatively big earner in what are tough times.... I'd like him to stay as I think in the right system he would score plenty at this level but Kewell maybe has his own ideas?
  11. Think it's important in these strange times for the 2 clubs to work together for mutual benefit. Roughyeds play in Oldham and benefit from lower ground rent fees Latics gain some much needed extra revenue from Roughyeds Seems logical to me...
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