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  1. Should be docked his pay. Not even trying to get back is just unacceptable. I am quicker than that and I'm 52
  2. Never been less interested in a Latics game....except for my Predictions League result and pending promotion
  3. Absolutely can't understand this? Anyone throw any light on the reasons why?
  4. Sorry Ryan, I would have had some great pics pre match and from during the game...however I got so pissed afterwards that the camera never made it home!
  5. I'd stick defo with Curle and give him a chance next season. However if the inevitable happens, then I'd be happy to take Cooper who did a great job at FG Rovers and has just been sacked
  6. Let's be honest...he was pretty shite! 52 appearances and 8 goals...3 of which came 45 mins v Rovers!! Pretty sure he left for Huddersfield shortly after and was just as bad there. Think Big Joe knew he was sub standard. Remember his goal though against Leeds in the play off semi...and the Edwards equaliser about 30 seconds after! That certainly ranked up there as one of the most gut wrenching feelings as a Latics supporter over 40 years, with the Hughes equaliser in the last minute at Wembley, and failing to win at Northampton a couple of years ago....or maybe that was just pure
  7. Agree with thisBigDog. So we are now top scorers in the division....if someone had said that at the start of the season id have said they were a basket case. However I'd also have said if we were we would be going up. We also have conceded the most goals in the division....again if someone had said this at the start of the season I'd have bet on us going down. So I guess in summary in the strangest of seasons we should be thankful we are still in business(at the moment anyway), still in this horrible division(is not gone down), still splitting our long suffering supporters wee
  8. Agree with all this. After the off field circus of this week, such a dire performance getting outplayed and stuffed at home by fucking Stevenage we have I think sunk to the lowest point I can remember in supporting Latics for 45 years. And sadly I can see us sinking even lower before things getting any better
  9. Tom Eaves for Hull and Doyle again for Wanky Wanderers on target also..
  10. Quality finish to be fair. Dire from Clarke though....
  11. Well that's 1 point closer to another year in paradise!
  12. 6 points will see us safe for this year at least. NOTHING will improve until either the clowns piss off or at least give a manager a minimum of 18 months to see what they can do.
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