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  1. Hope is a Curtis Main type player. Works hard and will run all day, can hold the ball up well but won't score many goals unfortunatley. Agree with comments about the trailist keeper, hopefully we can get someone more dominating. He will get bullied in this division due to lack of size Looks like 3 at the back with wing backs will be our prefered system. Fage and Badan did little wrong when they came on to be fair....agree Diarra is a liability but we need some bite from somewhere in the midfield and have few options as last season Vaughan showed some really nice touches when he came on and hopefully will be given some more game time this season. Hart defo MOM, looks a good aquision and gets some great balls in from the byeline. Pidge was also excellent when he came on and won everything both in the air and on the deck.
  2. Playing ok. Bam and Hope off Zak and Luamba on. Vaughan, Fage and a trialist also on
  3. 2-1 Latics after 30 mins. 2 good goals, 1 crap defending goal against....
  4. I thought I'd read there were 70k excess deaths from March to Dec 2020 though....so covid...or something must have had a big effect to cause this? Think you can read into the stats in different ways?
  5. It's no fun at the top! I think I may get all excited then capitulate, and then not be arsed for the final few games....remind you of anything? I think the OWTB winner should be whoever comes 17th in true Latics fashion!
  6. Well played mate. Pipped at the post!
  7. Morecambe 2 Newport 1 HT 1-0 First scorer Stockton Att 7,875
  8. 2nd leg Morcambe 2 Tranmere 1 Ht 1 - 1 First scorer Stockton Att 1550
  9. 1st leg Tranmere 1 Morecambe 1 HT 1-0 1st scorer Morris Attendance 3375
  10. Both available in most sizes for £16.99 at MandM direct. Seems a decent deal.... https://www.mandmdirect.com/01/details/HU30091?gclsrc=aw.ds&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIlIawu6fY8AIVht_tCh2PnQx8EAEYASADEgL2pvD_BwE
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