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  1. Look we all know we can't defend as a team. We are so lightweight, get bullied both in the middle and at the back and have a tacically inept manager when it comes down to defending. Wheater may have made us a bit more solid but would we have won many more games? Probably not. I have however enjoyed watching us vastly more this season than last, even if it's most of the time from behind my hands covering my eyes! We are what we are with the clowns in charge I'm afraid and frustrating as it is I'll be happy if the club comes out the other end of covid in tact.
  2. Fond memories...to be fair I never really noticed much difference between before and after....loved sitting on that Ford Stand paddock wall though when I was a kid
  3. He was a good un, although he did have a couple of top centre halfs in front of him for that level in Clint and Onesize...oh for anything like that quality nowadays...
  4. Agree with all this. Very strange we haven't brought in a centre half to help reduce to the goals we concede
  5. Agree. And Stainrod was pure class....apart from when he conned the ref and got Terry Curran sent off against Wednesday and caused a bloody riot! Scary stuff
  6. 5 points now from 6 games in January...he's starting to feel the pressure. It's never his fault, don't you remember
  7. Let's be honest when things are going ok Wellens seems to perform well. When the going gets tough he shits it. Salford will not go up under him and they should with their squad and resources....
  8. Fane would be world beater in this shit shower of a midfield
  9. Piss poor from Kewell making no changes. Shows real lack of leadership and bollocks. Should have made a this is fucking shite statement and changed at least a couple.
  10. Couldn't agree more. Can't understand playing Jombati ahead of Pidge at the moment
  11. Lots of good shouts on here. Personally loved Jermain Johnson when he was with us. Ran Sheff Weds ragged I remember at Hillsborough one BH!
  12. Only on a 1 year deal I think?so no doubt if the offers right we will let him go. Doesnt help pissing him off not giving him today's penalty
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