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  1. The response I got would probably back up this point... I suppose time will tell, even though all time has told us so far is that the changes myself and a lot of fans are crying out for are needed more than ever. We can’t wait much longer...
  2. OAFC.docx Email I sent to the club attached here for those that don’t use social media
  3. I never had an NDA put in front of me so no I didn’t. Plus even if I had, my comments aren’t disclosing anything confidential. Some staff aren’t fans of Latics so would rather just stay out of it and remain professional as they work for other clubs also and publicly, I do also hence why I made sure I could put out what I’ve said by checking internally and with the right people externally. I respect and understand why previous staff prefer not to speak out, especially the footballers.
  4. Spoken to United and they’ve advised I’m fine, spoken to some people with a lot of Media experience and they’ve said I’m fine also. Went through my social media code of conduct with a fine tooth comb and I feel at ease after reading that also. I didn’t disclose anything confidential, I wasn’t libellous or scandalous. Everything I said was opinion so I don’t think it can be classed as defamation... although I’m no legal expert. If they want to do something they can be my guest and we’ll see what happens however given the things I know, have seen and heard which others can corroborate,
  5. I appreciate the concern although I’ve spoken to the right people and I think I’m covered. They’ve gone at previous staff members for similar and got nowhere, plus if they did do something it would just add weight to my comments if three supposedly experienced professionals are more bothered about a 23 year olds tweets than they are the league position etc.
  6. Wasn’t that much into football until 2010 which was my first season properly supporting Latics, before that I’d been to the odd game here and there but I was a geeky child that preferred the likes of Star Wars and Harry Potter! First game I actually properly remember was against Bolton pre season when Tom Eaves scored a hat trick against them and then they signed him from us the next day! Since then I’ve been a proper Latics fan, my Stepdad has been a fan all of his life so I went with him and some friends, only a few years whilst I was at University I didn’t have a Sea
  7. I’m just speculating on that front, I don’t know anything and I’m not ITK, just think he’s too good for us and he’ll get better offers elsewhere
  8. The only databases I had at Latics were taken from Ticketmaster’s software, as that would log all the details and store all customer information, and then we are able to pull that data into excel format The system in place to collate the data is great, but logging it all is what’s difficult. When you have people buying tickets for the first time, but there’s only yourself selling tickets and massive queues before kick off, the aim is to get fans into the stadium, not collect their information. The problem is that the Ticket Office at Oldham is poorly staffed so it’s impossible for one
  9. Is that the weekly newsletter? As if it is, it’s an EFL mailing list, not a club one Edit: just seen the email above, yeah that’s from the EFL, not directly from the club. The EFL do most clubs websites so when you sign up/create an iFollow account or whatever, you’re opting in with them
  10. Mark is somebody the club will sorely miss to be honest, he was full of integrity and one of the most hard working individuals I’ve ever come across. He had so much time for all the footballers and given the amount we’ve had over the last two seasons that number is a hefty sum, even harder when half of them speak a different language! He was the first one in and the last one out most times. Not many fans will know about Mark because he quietly went about his business and did his job effectively but there were countless times he went above and beyond for the football club. He deserves the move
  11. Don't know about that! I'd take being 10% as successful at United as Irwin was
  12. Haha! Someone said that I'm doing the Denis Irwin Started at Leeds, went to Oldham, now United...
  13. Cheers Yeah I guess the club will just have to see how it goes...
  14. Handed in my notice a while ago, my last day is on Friday The club has found a replacement for me, but the club have decided to make the Ticket Office part time and my replacement will be part time also. She has plenty of experience working in a Ticket Office
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