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  1. Have you ever thought of a career in comedy script writing?
  2. Do you think their fans say 'at least we're not as shit as Oldham Athletic'?
  3. It depends what the pay is like as well. Can't imagine many wanting the job just because they love the game
  4. Sorry if I sounded that way. I'm just fed up like the rest of us and struggle to see any positives. I hope you are right
  5. Being sat in the the Main Stand Upper- I use to enjoy not having the North Stand opposite, because there was more to look at besides a crap football match
  6. Why doesn't razza6999 post on here anymore?
  7. You keep making the same point (over and over again) that a decent coach could make all the difference. It's not just the coach- it's the circus in charge of the club stopping us being successful. Why won't you accept that?
  8. I'm not disagreeing but I don't understand why they would train and prepare all week, then once its Saturday not be interested. They are only playing a game of football. Ignoring the fact they have little to play for, their will of wanting to win should be enough.
  9. That 17th in League 2 is acceptable because we were relegation favourites pre season?? Probably not. But how fucking depressing is it!!!
  10. You keep saying that but it's bollocks. Bunn and Wild weren't anymore of a success than Dino and Kewell.
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