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  1. We caught Rangers with their pants down selling Edmundson for the money we did. He wasn't much above average even at our level.
  2. I bet most of them have grown out of it by now. They must of been around for 5-6 years.
  3. Think you are confusing owtb's with redcafe mate.
  4. I hope it's Latics. Any excuse for a pissboil
  5. Better not. It's what gives us the moral high ground over City and United fans.
  6. I like to watch but I find the camera angle shit. The view from my seat in the main stand upper is much better.
  7. I do agree but there was a hell of a lot left wing propaganda before the last election on social media. Corbyn was all over Twitter especially and it was extremely pro Labour. Where they went wrong was when out of touch celebrities started telling us how to vote. This is the exact same mistake Hillary Clinton made before her election.
  8. Isn't he the lad we got from QPR on loan who scored on his debut at Gillingham away in 2013? I can't be arsed checking Google.
  9. If you are genuinely offended by people who haven't played in England before then Id suggest you are the one with the problem. Can't see why you would be bothered by this.
  10. Why does it bother you?? Even it's complete bollocks, to say it's money laundering is a much more interesting perspective than just admitting we're shit. I say fuck it, and just go along with it
  11. Maybe because they have been so incompetent it's easy to excuse their behaviour with anterior motives? It's like saying Joe Colbeck wasn't actually a footballer but just did some moonlighting by playing football at the weekends etc.
  12. Can you say for certain the Queensy Menig loan didn't have financial foul play?
  13. He did give everyone a free scarf though. Credit where credit's due.
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