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  1. I thought AL is paying the bills out of his own money? He doesn't even need us.
  2. 1. That wasn't my point. I was just pointing out how well Peter Clarke is doing. 2. Surely Curle should take the majority of the blame?
  3. I think these people question what the alternative is rather than being happy with the situation. Which is a valid point.
  4. Not that I'm taking anything away from his deserved achievement!
  5. I think you should of mentioned its the under 19s and not the first team. I was gobsmacked for a second
  6. "We want Abdallah out" sung about 3 times by a dozen or so
  7. In the 2nd half there was a bit of abuse towards AL from people nearby. But an older gentleman didn't approve, and got up and started shouting at the people who were doing it!!
  8. He reminds me of that nutter on I'm Alan Partridge with that full front Latics tattoo
  9. Just need some cunt to score goals now!!
  10. As a counter arguement to that, I bought 2 season ticket's last Tuesday and went yesterday
  11. Watching SSN with you on a Saturday afternoon in a Middleton boozer?
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