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  1. Well the 8 different managers we've had since ALMO have been on the scene suggest otherwise. Yes this season has been entertaining and we had a decent away run, but no progress has been made since last season.
  2. It will always attract applicants, I expect the Darren Kelly types though
  3. That's your problem BigDog, you're a glass half empty type of guy
  4. What are people's views of the Euros happening in the summer? Will fans be allowed to travel aboard to attend?
  5. I was brought up watching Oldham but have enjoyed watching Liverpool more in recent seasons than Latics. Now a days I'm definitely one of those who come out of the woodwork to visit a new ground just to tick it off the list. The last game I went to was Salford away and we left after 50 minutes with many others. As leaving everybody was saying they couldn't watch that shite every week. Besides the remaining season ticket holders, I think that's the general opinion of most Latics fans.
  6. I suppose its easy if you have no emotional attachment to Latics anymore.
  7. For me the best years of supporting Latics were in the late 90s, when I was 13-14 and first allowed to go on Barlows with my mates. It was excitement of going to somewhere like Reading or Wycombe etc without any parental supervision, robbing the overpriced service station of sweets, crisps and porn mags!! Loads of lads were a similar age who went so it was just a good day out. And once we were 16-17 we were into the football casual scene. It just goes to show the football isn't the only factor that creates a love for the club.
  8. Crowds were dropping even in our last season in the top flight. I remember when we played Swindon there was below 10K.
  9. Also neither QPR or Blackpool at home in the play offs
  10. Being from Littleborough, I know from reading that article who you are talking about. I'm sure he use to collect money from my parents for the cash draw. RIP. What a great servant to RAFC he was.
  11. I find that hard to believe. Who the fuck could be really happy under them circumstances??
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