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  1. If the owners are signing the players in the first place (as Dino said) they are still picking the team BigDog.
  2. Nah we turned them over at Wrexham in 1997, then they got revenge in Ancoats in 2002. Allegedly.
  3. Use to get naughty in the late 90s/ early 2000s Thuglife
  4. We are only 12 games into it though. For what it's worth we might as well give him another dozen to see if he can make any progress, then call for his head if needs be.
  5. But is it just a coincidence that every manager gets worse though? Or is it related to cost cutting/ better managers not wanting anything to do with us due to the owners/ or simply because the longer we spend in this league the more difficult it is to get back out of it?
  6. This might of been discussed elsewhere but why isn't Wheater on the official website first team player's page?
  7. Wellens took over after Shez was sacked after getting 4 points from the first 9 games (as Eyresy has already mentioned) .
  8. Neither could Shez in his first six. Does he also get the blame?
  9. It weren't just that. Pete knew all the players personally before he took over, the players played for PW because he was friends with most of them and they knew he had been thrown into the deep end.
  10. But we have no way of knowing if they are going to be better or worst than what we already have. Every sacking of a manager impacts on our budget. It's a big gamble, which going off all the previous appointments looks near impossible to succeed.
  11. Not necessarily. The majority of this division is shite. Having our strongest 11 knowing what they should be doing- giving their all, will be a good start.
  12. But as the cliche goes, if you pay peanuts you get monkeys. All we can expect is either another rookie or somebody who is just grateful for a job because he hasn't achieved anything elsewhere.
  13. Probably Dave- but I haven't included PW because he got the job by default, and I think we should just go off the managerial recruitment made by AL and co.
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