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  1. True, but it's concerning he never had a 'honeymoon period'.
  2. I'm not on about Tasdemir, my point is sacking Kewell has (up to now) made no difference
  3. You would have a better arguement if we had replaced him with somebody who's doing better
  4. I wonder if that's because the owners have changed their recruitment policy or simply because Barry is no longer at the club?
  5. I thought Curle has been in full control of the signings?
  6. Ignoring the circus who runs the club, Curle has done nothing to prove he is an improvement on HK. In fact I'd go as far as saying we are just as shit but just less entertaining.
  7. His career has nose dived in the last few years
  8. Have you ever thought of a career in comedy script writing?
  9. Do you think their fans say 'at least we're not as shit as Oldham Athletic'?
  10. It depends what the pay is like as well. Can't imagine many wanting the job just because they love the game
  11. Sorry if I sounded that way. I'm just fed up like the rest of us and struggle to see any positives. I hope you are right
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