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  1. I must apologise,I was given 2 bottles of nice wine and I drunk them last night,just risen to brilliant news,many thanks inspiral,if you get the payment to the forum and send me your address I will send to you first class special delivery on Monday,once again many thanks to all who participated,David btw,there are still 83 prints left in the limited edition,more details here https://sites.google.com/view/davidjwalkerart/to-the-ground-paintings/to-boundary-park-oldham-athletic/oldham-athletic-paintings
  2. he he only joking inspiral,many thanks for your bid,you forgot to take my waterproof iphone away when dumping me in the Tees
  3. Great win Latics,on that note I will finish the auction on Friday night at midnight so come on the latest bid is £170,all money goes directly to your forum lets try and get it to £200 plenty of prints left if you want to get someone special a prezzie
  4. Thanks for the bid Inspiral,I will change the tag now,I want to raise as much as possible for the forum so I will let it run longer. Re the reserve I will keep it quiet for now but a couple of years ago my Bournemouth promotion painting raised £650 and my Bradford City one raised £500 so it is hard to put a reserve on it right now,cheers again Inspiral
  5. A private bid for £160.00 has just come in,lets keep it going Latics fans
  6. Just had a private bid for £140 Latics fans,the money goes directly to this forums costs
  7. Thanks up the Latics,we are up to number 16 so plenty left
  8. Thanks oldhamtillidie glad you are happy,I live in North Wales near all the caravans in Towyn,maybe I have seen Boundary park?