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  1. Good point. I hadn't thought about that.
  2. Maybe LB wants possession football even if it means 38 passes inside your own half. That should bring the fans back in huge numbers.
  3. I think it's the Physio and the Strength & Conditioning blokes. Stuart Irwin and Stuart Vance, is it?
  4. A good move as long as he can work for a nutter.
  5. I don't know what to say. So sad.
  6. I agree with what you're saying regarding our/AL's financial status and possible imbalance in the wage structure (we can only speculate), but Maouche is not on £4K per week. He may well have been when he arrived, but he's not now.
  7. Jesus, Dave, that is so cruel at such a young age. Dreadful.
  8. It appears that we have 15 or 16 players (and two of them are keepers) out in Morocco who are due back, I think, on the 15th. We play Rochdale 5 days later with nothing even approaching a squad. If those 15 or 16 are being regarded as first teamers (and let's face it, some of them are trialists), some bugger has got to act a bit sharpish to get at least another 5 or 6 in. A CB (or 2), LB, CM and 2x strikers. For God's sake, don't tell me that Detective Redfleece is dealing with it. Or are we picking up a few completely unheard of 5th division unknowns on the way home? I'm going to Forest Green, fool that I am. Do I need to take my boots?
  9. Thinking about it, the cynical side of me wonders if said players were AL's boys or not. It just seems that there is always something that these two looneys can do to screw up the club one way or another. I've worked for one of the most detested companies in its particular sphere, but the Lemsagams can take it to a new level.
  10. It's not a football club; it's a dictatorship. It really is a wonder anyone, in any capacity, wants to come to Latics.
  11. Cheers, mate. I'm going to resist Hartley jokes; they'll only lead to jam and jelly puns.
  12. Looking at the Morocco videos, it looks like we might have a goalkeeping coach. Any idea who he is and when he arrived. Also, unless I've missed it, what's happened to Mick Priest? Sacked? Walked out? Sometimes, this club of ours is like a training ground for MI5.
  13. Can't say I've noticed him. Mind you, he was difficult to spot when he was playing.
  14. Scored the winner at Upton Park in the League Cup. 2002? 2003?
  15. For a hold up player (he's not an out and out striker), his first touch is often awful. Couldn't trap a bag of wet sand frequently sprang to mind. I've said elsewhere that he could sometimes trap a ball further than I could kick it. I'm not sorry if he's gone. But we need some other bugger(s) in pretty sharpish.
  16. I've had a look at his stats at Dundalk. He's hardly started a game and not always used off the bench. A bit surprising, that IMO.
  17. Tough and solid. Didn't he once play with a broken foot?
  18. Correct. And Red Rum never played in a Cup Final.
  19. I'd agree with @kowenicki that the team spirit looked very good. All seemed to be gelling together. The camel looked a bit bored, though. By the way, who's the huge bloke in training gear? He was at the back on the right in the airport pic. Sefil, maybe?
  20. Yep, Purdie was with us 2 years and never played once. But he was (allegedly) a midfielder, although we never actually found out. He retired at the end of the 2017/18 season after his 5th spell with Hereford (and several other non-league teams along the way).
  21. I think what got me about O'Grady was his lack of a first touch on so many occasions. He was never going to be our 20 goals a season man, but more a hold up player to bring others into the game. At times, he could trap a ball further than I could kick it. I'm sure I couldn't find him on that airport pic yesterday, so maybe he has left. Or he'd gone for a wee.
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