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  1. Well, I have just parted with another tenner, even though I swore Tuesday was the last game this season. I suppose its like watching a car crash you know its bad, but for some reason you just can't help but look. Jameson is unlucky, he wasn't great on Tuesday, but not the worst, Diarra did not do enough to prevent the goal and Clark looked poor also. Never mind though here's to another 90 minutes of my life spent watching Latics.
  2. One point from a possible 9, I can see a relegation battle looming. The lad from Peterboro should be sent back, completely useless. Who was our player who headed to the ball out of their area and set them up for the goal? Created very little in 90 minutes, nothing against Vaughan by why not bring Pidge on for Barnes and stick him up front, at least then we would have had a target man instead of that waste of space Blackwood.
  3. Agree, Jamieson threw himself into a few challenges there. Lawlors' dead ball kicks are dreadful. Blackwood, we haven't missed him while he has been out injured he doesn't offer much. As for Tasdemir he came here looking for game time and that is the first I have seen play, I can't say he is an improvement on what we already have. As for Jambotti, he constantly looks a goal threat, but for the opposition.
  4. I've just paid a tenner, I wish I had looked at the line-up first.
  5. I have a bad feeling about today, i only logged on to see the team sheet.
  6. City struggled to defend a long throw at the weekend.
  7. I think he will progress at the right club , Marc Tierney springs to mind, he struggled here after a bright start and went on to play at a higher level.
  8. The lad has scored 14 goals in half a season, how many players have we had in recent memory who have achieved 14 goals in a full season, that is why other clubs are looking at him. The majority of the games he has played have been out on the wing. Not a bad return considering. There might be thousands of similar standard players out there and we have had more than our fair share of them, but it is players above that standard we want to be attracting, otherwise we will continue to have a large turnover of players without achieving any sort of success.
  9. He score 6 goals in 13 appearances in 2013 for Southampton under 18's, done fuck all since.
  10. Someone has been rummaging around in the bargain basement again.
  11. Tomorrow's game should be a good indicator as to the mood of the camp, interesting to see who starts up front, especially as we have a depleted forward line, no Rowe and Dearnley still out injured. I am also interested to hear what Kewell's pre match comments will be. I've got Newport down for a win.
  12. I like the bit were he refused to do interviews with sky, because his sky box had broken at home and no one had been out to fix it.
  13. I think Rowe wanted out from the beginning of the season, he didn't start the first few games. By the sounds of things a few clubs came calling and judging by his comments on the Bradford website he was happy to go. A very good player who will be hard to replace, don't envy the rookie who gets brought in to replace him, still he will be on less money. As long as he can run round like an headless chicken he will fit in. Kewell said he wanted leaders on the pitch, leaders are often people with strong personalities, as we know that type of person does not fit in well at this club.
  14. Bradford City linked with move for Oldham striker Rowe | Bradford Telegraph and Argus (thetelegraphandargus.co.uk) This story seems to be growing some legs, the local paper has picked it up now.
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