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  1. I agree - we can’t afford to have players playing catch up awful signings wasn’t in relation to either of their talents just not what we need where we are - it’s all very football manager - I signed Nani because he was available but was shit for me and couldn’t get rid - we do the same just seem to sign numbers rather than what we need ie strikers this year or defenders last year
  2. 2 absolutely awful signings - as you said in a higher league maybe they do a Kilkenny and be amazing for a bottom end league 2 side needs more send them both back free up space for if the embargo is lifted
  3. Who’s going to produce an ”I was there when Hope scored” T-shirt?
  4. Yeah I guess that looks like I have knowledge of his cock… Laughing his cock and fat belly off at us then
  5. Eating chips and gravy and laughing his fat cock off at us all probably before his next appearance on whichever podcast to say how much he loves us
  6. He gets way too easy a ride for his role in where we are
  7. Im hoping Blitz gets food poisoning from the chips and gravy and spends the next 3 days shitting his insides through the eye of a needle
  8. We aren’t even dog shit - I have a dog and pick his shit up several times a day it’s a million times more enjoyable than this
  9. To be fair that’s not hard these days it’s easier to count the bulbs that haven’t blown in the floodlights
  10. hope he gets pies throw at him (doubt he’ll be my side of the ground) he will sat in his white elephant
  11. At least Curle seems to have finally got the “Diarra is shit” memo
  12. Groundsmans last game according to his Twitter, joining the former head at Blackpool anyone know how our latest recruitment drive is going?
  13. The bills haven’t been paid for years - our esteemed leader stated season ticket sales are a bonus income not budgeted for his latest statement to the BBC says he has worked hard to make the club financially stable and secure - it isn't but keep talking bollocks it at least keeps things fresh
  14. Good listen that and enjoyed @BP1960 contribution not always seen eye to eye but the knowledge and passion shines through more than it ever can in the written word, did have to grab myself when you mentioned Jimmy Sirrell as I misheard it for another Jimmy of the BBC and thought “I wouldn’t be shouting about working with him”
  15. "investing significantly to make the club financially secure and solvent" Just go you frauds
  16. He’s a youth player the official literally announced by saying “Edwards is on the bench” clueless media just sums the club up
  17. Did the manager not get slaughtered for such a decision?
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