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  1. Begins with C and ends in T - not sure it's German though
  2. They aren’t but the NS won’t be for sale then either. They did say as much on the release the other week
  3. The way we have been this season and the league in general, probably Saturday
  4. I was wondering that myself - whilst also hoping they never find him
  5. People were doing so well at ignoring him/it/her too for a moment
  6. Completely missed this. Nice to see I’m not bottom
  7. Footballers cry foul more than any other athlete going including those who do a 5 or 10k run 3 times a week as “recreation” after 8 hours of normal work ive worked at a football club and from what I saw the training was anything but “hard” They are pathetic and that’s before someone strokes their chest and they fall to the ground clutching their face like a victim of the Somme
  8. I agree with this - I’m sorry but in this day an age your job is a professional athlete where you “train” 3-4 hours a day 3 (4 at most) days a week, if you can’t manage 2 90 minutes in that same week go and get a job where you are up at the crack of dawn and doing 40 plus hours a week - it’s pathetic this “we have to work 2 days a week woe is us” Tennis players play what? 40 odd weeks of the year in matches that last hours doing nearly continuous sprints in scorching temperatures (bar Wimbledon) Footballers need to get a bloody grip
  9. 100% always said I’d book every single one who came up shouting the odds and follow it up with another if they didn’t get away inside 10 seconds, id send off about 7 - game abandoned and I’d be the one the FA sanctioned - players are far far too protected on every front
  10. me to but I guess there’s things you just can’t do when you hold a certain role regardless of provocation - I’d love to have dropped several people I’ve come across in my working life but if I did I’d end up in jail not just taking a Saturday off ** I’m aware he didn’t actually drop anyone
  11. Remember that game against Boro - he was on Granda Reports the night before on an “unluckiest man in football” segment - that first goal showed it didn’t pick up
  12. Can’t argue with any of that apart from I don’t think Wheater would be a saviour but it would be nice to be able to judge on seeing him. And my gran is better than Jombatti (not by much) I’d still play her first. Slightly better than shit is better than just shit fantastic post though especially on Dino the good dinosaur
  13. Just listened to Kewell... ”We attack as a team we defend as a team and I won’t have anyone say any different” hmmm not happy at being called out for having a shit defence Harry? ”blaming this one blaming that one yeah we have to better on the defensive side of the game” it’s almost like we haven’t just had a transfer window screaming out for a centre back and we brought in a midfielder....
  14. Did Hallworth regress at all? I didn’t see him up until the prem and seem to recall Gerrard deposed him (despite his horror shows against both Spurs and Liverpool when he thought he was a midfielder). Then in our first game back in the Championship (division 1) I remember him walking to the edge of the box to pick up a dead ball and someone behind shouting ”Bloody hell Hallworths come off his line”
  15. Because it was transfer window and there are playing Football Manager ”we don’t need a midfielder but oh look a midfielder is available” shambles
  16. my paternal Grandad would look a world beater in that defence and he died in 1997 having been impeded by a stroke for about 6 years previous
  17. You could chop that defence completely and do better - they are fucking awful Michael Clegg, Lord Kangana, Guy Branson, Paul Edwards All played in our defence and were vilified - everyone would walk into that shitshow Jombati Piergianni are wank!! Why ask ourselves were Salford happy to let the ponytail go when he couldn’t even get into their team after promotion? Because he’s non league at fucking best
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