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  1. never mind depth we don’t have a first choice midfield or front two yet
  2. Dearnley is the 2021 Chris Killen - potential but will never realise it with injury A 2 year deal was stupid - 1 with an appearance based extension would have been sensible
  3. Hes another one who has grown in twat status the longer time goes on
  4. Does anyone know if my payment has been received? Asked Stevie but he seems to have been absent of late
  5. We don’t play with a back 4 so he’s talking Bollocks Unless KC was looking to teach BP a lesson in pre Christ vs 21st century tactics of course
  6. I was also uplifted by the fact they made him prominent in the reveal - maybe waiting till January to cash in now
  7. You can’t take friendlys as “recent form” playing non league - premier league opposition and at least 3 involving teams of players who won’t even be here Having said that I’m taking 22nd as a good season because our midfield is wank (we can’t even replace Garrity) and we have not replaced McAleneys goals
  8. I can’t stand the Lemsagems but that twat blitz wants dragging through the town and whipped with every step Brooke and Quarmby treating him like some hero on the podcast made me sick He is an absolute charlatan
  9. If he means the red and white Premier League one that's a definite red card! My first ever Latics shirt and will always be a favorite
  10. Look at all the bollards in Oldham town centre they all have the Sheff Wed owl
  11. Really? I like the badge - the blue kit in particular looks very retro and "a proper footy shirt" and the badge adds to that. Though the ball is a bit big in relation to the owl
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