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  1. Let me start my saying I have no intention of becoming a “mate of the CEO” but I have emailed this morning and asked about the North Stand statement so maybe something will come out
  2. I was incredibly annoyed that I only remembered about the statement after the call Agree re Twitter - It makes OWTB look like a buddhist temple
  3. Yes... but I’ve watched Paul Edwards, Sydney Schmelz and Jermaine Johnson miss with zero defenders in front never mind shit ones so I’ll clap Zak on the back
  4. Which is exactly what I tried to put across - his text on Twitter says he “gets it” speaking to him I think he does, whether he gets the opportunity to act is another matter - I did say it wouldn’t surprise me if in 6 months time someone else was in his seat saying “the owner accepts mistakes have been made”
  5. he jointly holds that title with Omrani after his 20 minute master class against Scunthorpe
  6. Did you miss the Sohnny Sefil show last season?? Agree Pidge is crap though
  7. As promised here comes the summary of my call with Karl Evans on Friday. Firstly, apologies to Unsworthblue, your questions have been asked but after nearly an hour on the phone I have asked Karl to email me the responses. This was my call and not Karl’s as though I was originally working from home that day I ended up being in the office and I thought I was coming close to the sack if I stayed on the phone much longer He has assured me he will respond and I will update probably on Monday. I just didn’t want to leave it all weekend before producing something! Secondly, than
  8. I agree but how many things do you need to “register an account for” these days? Even YouTube tries to force you into it every other video
  9. It’s free to set up an ifollow account isn’t it? Then this is on the basic package - I certainly haven’t paid anything bar the odd tenner on matches. probably a way to collate email addresses which will improve future comms perhaps * * or ban those that piss them off
  10. I was wondering if I’d missed a cup draw somewhere to Id rather glaze my balls in honey and dip them into a nest of hungry ants than watch rugby
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