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  1. This! If you are vulnerable or worried stay at home and let the rest carry on with life
  2. Oh wasn’t aware of that - not that I’d paid but I certainly wouldn’t for 90 minutes of Roy telling me if a defender hadn’t have been back then xxx would have been in
  3. Says a lot that 3 hours before kick off a thread hasn’t been created. anyone paid for the stream?
  4. i agree - and it was in response to me saying he would go the way of all before him. I guess I was highlighting it to say we have no chance when the owner can not be subjected to criticism
  5. I emailed the new CEO last night, I explained concerns the fans have and asked why Harry Kewell had lied to media and fans by saying Wheater had COVID. he replied, out of hours and was very courteous. Unsurprisingly he ignored the Wheater question and said his job is to rebuild bridges. I said that is not going to happen with Abdallah and if he was truly his own man he would follow Wheater et al out the door - I also asked again about Harry Kewell lying to media and fans and got this Thank you for your response.I respect your view, that you are completely en
  6. I think they would struggle to enforce a full lockdown again. Rightly or wrongly people are pissed off at the clear as mud messages, just this morning Michael Gove said work from home if you can but if you have a COVID secure workplace go” then at 12:30 Boris just says “if you can work from home” left hand just isn’t speaking to right
  7. Restrictions for potentially 6 months, returning fans scrapped - if that lasts as long then with or without The Lemmies I can’t see us surviving. Pissed off that Coco will be able to use the COVID scapegoat for the ultimate result of his disastrous ownership
  8. Agree, and Twitter has more fantasists than that "Realistic fans" Facebook group
  9. Didn’t expect the day I agreed with you to arrive so soon
  10. Probably won’t make any difference but I intend to write to the EFL using their complaint policy - can’t share the image as it’s too big edit it can be viewed here https://www.efl.com/siteassets/efl-documents/efl-complaints-policy.pdf
  11. Out of interest what was it? Just I noticed it had happened on another site yesterday so thought it wasn’t a problem with OWTB
  12. Since you’re in my league I suggest it’s your fault and no retrospective action should be taken
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