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  1. Really? He showed great composure but it was a strike from near the 6 yard box I always see GOTS to be spectacular
  2. He deserved the sack for that coat alone then he was asked about our defensive problem and responded with ”everyone concedes in League 2” He then signed or accepted the signing of Tasdemir who should be on trial for fraud The guy was a tool
  3. I know you’re retired but calling your bosses brother a cunt in the media is not really a good career move He has certainly heavily implied it though many times
  4. Forgive me if I’m being thick but what’s special about 30th June?
  5. Some voting Garrity for comedy got to be McAleney just for the goals in such a wank season goals has been the only highlight
  6. Maybe it was a “look Mo you flat cap prick - this is next season with you fucking it all up again if you don’t let me sign players who know this dog shit league and go go trawling FM for a Cambodian Fifth division regen who has 19 for pace and fuck all else” Maybe
  7. NDA’s get signed all the time in the States Usually by porn stars who have had affairs with orange presidents No idea on the actual legality of them over here - if it was to hide illegality I would imagine they could be seen as an attempt at perverting the course of justice - if it ever got out
  8. Adam Moralle probably deals with those being the solicitor in the camp
  9. Ah Mis read - with the OP saying “was he member of the trust” I took it to mean he no longer was
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