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  1. We were better 2nd half but that doesn’t say much as we were a bloody woeful outfit in the first!! Kewell got out of jail there, until that fortunate penalty coming when it did we were as bad if not worse than Tuesday. I lost count of the amount of times our midfielders failed to track the runners and instead stood ball watching, they are just about the laziest players I’ve ever seen in a blue shirt. There’s no doubt they are the polar opposite at the other end of the pitch but don’t really start to give a shit until we’ve scored and that penalty definitely
  2. Had another injury setback....think we can forget him for this season!!
  3. G&T’s and hot Spanish sun maybe....as for the rest of it...dream on!
  4. A good clue as to his football prowess was the fact that an ambitious promotion chasing club like Salford in the same division deemed him surplus to requirements. He’s definitely not a ‘Kewell’ type!!
  5. It’s absolutely ridiculous that the North Stand debacle is still upon us and because of that I’m out...Do the club actually care about the supporters!!!
  6. Here’s another theory....perhaps with the Covid situation they didn’t really want promotion this year. Now I know that might sound daft, but It does seem that they’ve done their level best to avoid it!!
  7. I remember you saying similar a couple of seasons ago!
  8. The fact that they are still unavailable after all this time speaks volumes. We have a new CEO and nothing has changed.......what a state of affairs!!!
  9. That’s a question go to which we’ve been seeking an answer to since the day he walked through the door. If you didn’t have the necessary funding to advance the club it just beggars belief!! There has to be an ulterior motive, absolutely has to be!!
  10. If fans had been in BP this season he’d have been getting dogs abuse, he’s got away with murder!! That’s 14 points from a possible 45!!!....can you imagine what the atmosphere would have been like in the stands?
  11. After watching that performance tonight....If this was on paper I would rip it up and throw it in the bin!!!
  12. We are either sensational or absolutely shite with nothing in between....I keep on believing our home displays will improve but they are actually getting worse. WTF is going on??
  13. Have we actually dominated a single home game all season...if we have I don’t remember it!
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