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  1. Good win...just!!! but that defence is woeful. Too much ball watching and a real lack of concentration.
  2. No Clarke!!!... Piergianni back in, Garrity, Keillor Dunn, & Blackwood all start. I hope Rowe and Bahamboula cause them problems because we’ll probably have to score 3 to get something out of the game. There’s a real chance of a hammering as that side looks piss poor!!!
  3. Think you might be getting mixed up, pretty sure that was was Top Rank Bowl, Astoria, later Baileys and a couple of others after that ....I’m pretty sure the ‘cats whiskers’ was down Union Street on the left hand side.
  4. Absolutely nothing new in that interview, it’s obvious Karl Evans has had an input into the questions (if you could call them questions) and the answers as they were definitely manipulated to try and get what he calls the minority, of disgruntled fans back onside. I could take some positives from it if it were one of his first interviews but we are not 3 weeks or three months into his tenure, we are 3 YEARS in!! It takes time, slowly slowly, we’ll get there.....it’s all bullshit!!!! There wasn’t a single thing he said that you could feel remotely positive about, and again,
  5. All defeats are bad results aren’t they?
  6. They’ve probably fell out with company that maintains them
  7. Think you’ll find if/when he goes it will command a thread of its own entitled....Kewell gone!!!
  8. What’s that got to do with it...Rowe would be a good bet to score plenty playing alongside Van Veen!
  9. Correct BP...We have been crying out for a target man for as long as I can remember and still haven’t got one. Rowe would get a bagful playing of a proper CF!
  10. Blackwood is so far off competing at this level it’s frightening and yet he’s almost certainly a Kewell signing. He will also not have traveled half way around the world to come here for peanuts!!
  11. He’s been out of management for a long while now but I’m pretty sure he’d still get this lot sorted out double quick. Although unlikely...If AL were to give him a free reign I’d have him back in a heartbeat!!
  12. You’d hope so BP but apparently AL’s wife is best mates with Kewell’s Mrs....Unfortunately I think it’s going to have to get a whole lot worse before that happens!!
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