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  1. How thoroughly depressing……a win double, Latics to stay up and AL to have fu###d off by May would be a result for me!!
  2. So what was the point of it then? I agree with LS, rather than experimenting with a team full of trialists we should have a potential starting eleven at this stage of proceedings! With no reserve games or friendlies played during the season Curle, as per usual, only has training to check out the form and ability of his players. I still can’t get my head around the fact that we don’t compete in a reserve league….how fringe players can be thrown in at any given time and be expected to be ‘match fit’ and produce the goods on demand is just crazy!!
  3. I’m wasn’t referring to the friendlies, perhaps I should have been more specific…..I’m referring to the last 3 seasons of unadulterated shite!!
  4. So…about 21st then…sounds about right going off our recent form and current squad additions. We might surprise a few if we can keep a settled eleven but I seem to be saying that every preseason. Lets be honest we haven’t a bloody clue have we!!
  5. The near future, will that be next week? next month? next season?They’ve had 18 months to sort it out and are still fucking about a week away from another new season! They really are taking the piss!!!!
  6. I think you’ll find we had one last season and got nowhere near the playoffs!
  7. Left the building…confirmed in the Oldham Times. Got better offers in the pipeline.
  8. To be honest we can’t complain about squad strengthening when we’re set to starve the club of income. As far as football goes, I’ve already written this season off. Short term pain for long term gain hopefully!
  9. Jameson won't be in the first 11 anyway imo I bloody well hope not!
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