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  1. Is Hope even capable of passing the ball forwards!! Normal service has been resumed!!
  2. What benefit could he possibly gain from putting the club into administration. IMO he will sell, that is providing a buyer can be found.
  3. The players defended much better as a unit and we scored three good goals, however, Stevenage, who are just one place above us in the table dominated us for long periods. It gives me hope that we can avoid another relegation but that’s all….. I’m not getting carried away by one result!!
  4. Not a chance…..I doubt there was even 1.5k in the Royle/Frizzell/Chaddy combined so there would have to have been 2k in the Main stand.
  5. TBH, don’t think we’ve really seen enough of them to judge their merits!
  6. It’s only October and the weather has been Ok…let’s have a look in December when the frost sets in!!
  7. Sorry, if we lose this Curle needs to go! He’s only part of the problem but IMO a ‘big’ part. Surely, even Benachour couldn’t do any worse!!
  8. Football is not the be all and end all for everyone though is it? It doesn’t mean they don’t care either! A lot of the ageing fans can’t be arsed and because of our recent history the young fans are in short supply! There wasn’t a massive protest movement when Chris Moore left us in the brown stuff yet 12000 turned up against Grimsby to celebrate our exit from administration and the same thing would happen again under similar circumstances!!
  9. Maybe so but he could still sign an NDA couldn’t he?
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