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  1. 39% possession against bottom of the fucking league....WOW!!!
  2. WTF....Has AL got a bet on us being relegated...seems like if you score you’re dropped!
  3. If the 4 players you’re referring to kept the opposition busy defending for long enough then 7 would be ample, especially at home, where we really should be taking the initiative.
  4. Apparently, this is what the Vale coach had to say after the game......, Port vale coach speaking after the game on BBC stoke on how vale planned to expose 2 weak Oldham full backs and lack of muscle in midfield & lack of height at CB . He quoted watching videos of previous Oldham games this season how easy it is to get behind our full backs . We’ve all alluded to this since the season’s opener and it’s so obvious........how is it everyone can see it except our coach?
  5. To be fair I reckon any inexperienced youngsters coming into this side would struggle to make an impression!
  6. Wheater alone would not be sufficient to turn our fortunes around as we are lacking experience all over the pitch. If we are in or around the relegation places at Xmas, which is more than likely, then the January window would have to be utilised to maximum effect. Without the addition of a couple of hardened pro’s this lot would be relegated without a whimper!! **********ABDALLAH OUT*********
  7. We have a team full of inexperienced players cobbled together who are powderpuff and get rolled over each and every week. Make no mistake Bolton are also a very poor side and the the reason we managed a rare win. Its usually a “let’s see where we are after 10 games,” well, I’ll tell you now where we’ll be....in the bottom 3! It was blatantly obvious to everyone we needed experience in every area of the pitch, we didn’t get it and is why we are where we are. I don’t see this squad making the necessary improvement to avoid yet another relegation battle. An utter
  8. Maybe it wasn’t Kewell who picked the starting 11 last night
  9. Camera angle if fine...it’s the football that’s shite!!!
  10. Reckon they probably have to die first!!
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