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  1. Who organised the last protest? There is a conundrum in your post-some refuse to enter the ground so you are diluting your potential protest by he people who feel strongest about it. As I keep on posting-there is a disconnect between the numbers attending games and the numbers who post on here. You could argue that the fans survey from the other day is a good example of this.
  2. Or maybe he has helped to keep the club out of admin with his business acumen?
  3. They are 2nd in the league and more or less in the Europa League Cup final. Pay the highest wages in the league to a couple of players and the fans are unhappy. Hardly welcome to our world is it?
  4. Probably plenty. There seems to be this strange thought in football supporters that changing ownership will always lead to an improvement-history would seem to prove otherwise. Our club being a very good example. Why exclude the PL clubs after this weekend's shenanigans?
  5. How many times? There are only 92 league managers jobs. There will always be somebody willing to have a go and try to prove their worth even if it is only for a few months.
  6. Only 2 sides plus the gutter above The Rochdale Rd stand.
  7. Do you really believe the courts will allow such restrictions on players practising their trade?
  8. How very topical as Man City announce a loss of £126 million for 2019/20 season.
  9. Usual struggle for an answer to a question asked of you. And then you wonder at the inaction of the supporters.
  10. I call it a realist attitude. Firmly disagree. So you have just had pointed out to you what you were advocating earlier and you disagree. Just what do you disagree with here? And just where are you going to get the chance to protest? No attendance this season, a new team, possible new manager next season and any whiff of progress will snuff out your protest. Even if this charade continues next season this forum is not the whole support of OAFC-it represents a very small percentage of the support.
  11. Well there was one UK winner of the lottery last night-let's hope he /she is/was a Latics fan. If not how do you propose we get them out? Your shouting at the end of your post ain't gonna do it.
  12. Yes it is, the bloke nobody is really bothered about him staying or leaving as I said.
  13. Does it matter or are you just bored? He has little or no relevance to me and my support.
  14. Easy answer to all 3 points. I have no idea. Short term player deals are not unusual in our league, so cannot see why not for the manager? In our case see if KC likes us and we like him and take it from there. Do you really see much long term business planning in football? Average managers tenure is down to 18 months now. How many managers get 3 yr deal for example and then are fired early? Mourinho has made a decent living out of this and it is a damn site harder when you don't have millions to sqaunder on compensation payments. Still think the KC deal was good fo
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