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  1. Let's hope that come 5 o'clock Saturday they are having to contemplate it.
  2. They or someone must have because they ' they pledged to "always beat" arch-rivals Chester.' a sure fire way of garnering support.
  3. Thought a few on here had Jombati as a decent RB option.
  4. Kewell on the box tomorrow. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/55002480
  5. Good start to their new ownership. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-54990978
  6. Got to agree with most of this but here is the difference-they are willing to do this in the full glare of publicity not the murky takeovers we see normally. Yes it is for money but there again they are business folk as well as film stars. Still strange though. Like you I would love to have a rational explanation as to what Lemsagam gets out of owning our team. As for their trust vote it was 1809 for-26 against and 9 abstained-pretty overwhelming. Fond memories of Wrexham trips-one of Carlo Corazzin's favourite fixtures wasn't it?
  7. Interesting discussion here. So we have the majority who seem to think with a hint of bitterness that the project is doomed to failure. £2M no where near enough, in it for the show, charlatans etc. Or we have the 'usual' potential buyers with a history of financial misconduct, previous dodgy ownership, opaque source of finance like potential purchasers of Burnley etc. This is completely new very public money from very well known people who appear to have no history of dodgy dealings (quite the opposite in one owners case) who just seem to want to have a go at making ch
  8. What do you expect when it obviously breaks your heart to try and write anything positive about the club.
  9. Bit of a cheat really but if you want to go back 25 yrs then it includes Andy Ritchie who played in 98/99 season. A footballing God.
  10. Well it is welcome for some of us but didn't you want us to get hammered yesterday?
  11. Yep agree with this. Think he is just the facilitator for the actual 'wealth'. He was certainly not wanted at Charlton according to the fans and of course we have somebody here now who should know all about his supposed Bury connection.
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