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  1. Great news today from English & Scottish investigations into vaccine efficacy. I would just like to see Bahamboula live once. Home or away.
  2. I actually quite like what he has done although he will suffer the consequences. I bet so many refs have wanted to do this to players over time.
  3. OK. So when somebody asks where did that come from I will just ignore it rather than trying to help. I ain't echoing any nonsense just telling what is happening-all facts, no opinion was or is provided.
  4. It's not me saying it-don't shoot the messenger I just passed on what you asked for.
  5. Perhaps you should forward your comments to the South African Govt as they have stopped using the vaccine now and copy in the French Govt for the same reason.
  6. Just enter 'astrazeneca vaccine efficacy against south african variant ' and there are loads of links-too many to post but BBC, NY Times, Contagionlive, FT are a few.
  7. The report also says in mild to moderate cases-so not as bad as first seems. It's not just the media though is it? Plenty of MP's now champing to get restrictions lifted-do they know better than our scientists? I am no fan of him but at least Boris seems more reluctant this time to open up society again and I think the public recognise this and would support him if he is cautious. Good luck with your jab tomorrow.
  8. The the slope was levelled out a lot when we put the plastic pitch in 1986/7 season. In fact reduced by more than half according to 'Pine villa & Oldham Athletic a 100 year journey' book.
  9. I do watch Scottish football but not as many as you-watched QoS last night against Hearts on plastic and yes some of your comments were raised last night. Don't recall either club complaining about the surface though which was my original point. You obviously feel strongly about this and consider yourself a bit of an expert so I will bow to your superior knowledge. It doesn't make you right though.
  10. Eh???? Well the first link is to a newspaper columnist who says-'I have never really been a fan of artificial pitches' so that's out. Plenty in the other links about how good some of the pitches are for league clubs but not much about teams not liking playing on them and if they do it seems to be the same complaints as when we had the artificial. Back & knees aching etc. Doesn't seem to much comment after 2019 at a quick look.
  11. Plenty of them in Scotland now and don't hear teams complaining about playing on them.
  12. So we have one poster earlier moaning about starting with a nearly new squad next year-again. Then just now somebody happy to see them all go.
  13. Didn't he have a similar misfortune after coming back from injury he broke his hand at Derby? Down there with David Currie for me.
  14. You only get what somebody is willing to pay when they want the player so there is no choice in getting rid earlier if nobody came in for him. Got a figure out of you eventually-pie in the sky. For the rest I have no understanding of it.
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