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  1. Much obliged. Thought it was quiet on here. Will sort WhatsApp out tomorrow.
  2. Catching the train from, er, Blackheath for Charlton Athletic. Is there a designated pub to meet near the ground?
  3. Nope. BNP special via Eltham changing at Gravesend. That route gets me in to Gill 1308/1408.
  4. Can we not make Dog And Bone the pub of choice then? Sounds a nicer gatf than the Belle...
  5. Particularly when tix for the Meccano End from the Sheepfoot Lane box office are only £17 inc postage. And I wasn't on the helium this time. Commiserations, all the same What's our rendevous pub in Gillingham?
  6. Anyone going to Charlton tomorrow night? Probably getting train from Blackheath, so happy to get a steer on which one any commuters aiming for - unless anyone fancies a pint in the Village?
  7. Mark, Happy to join splinter group in the Tech from 6pm, even though I predict atmosphere will be lacking and we'll head into C&S for rank ale. Laters.
  8. I'll be catching train 6ish from King's X. What about hooking up with Diego at http://omfpub.co.uk/Contact.htm ? It's a decent boozer nr the ground.
  9. Anyone one up for the midweek glamour tie? Bank manager reckons I can make a couple of matches this season, so I'd better make a start...
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