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  1. We all say that the defence is poor but how much is down to the lack of midfield in front of them?
  2. This lot can trap a ball further than I can kick it!
  3. All we ever notice is what goes on up front or ay the back because nothing ever happens in the midfield.
  4. Not often you hear those four words in a sentence referring to Fage
  5. Hillsner has good ball control and can pass to team mates. No way will he fit into this team!
  6. I think this transfer window will show how good Mo is at recruiting. My money is on 2 full backs and a striker.
  7. We've no height at the back and they have 2 big forwards. 5 in our midfield and it's hard to spot any of them!!
  8. As most of you have said - the midfield is the problem. Centre midfield is non existent.
  9. Where's the midfield? We don't have one. You could draw a 30yard circle around the centre circle and not find a player in it!
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