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  1. Got to give some credit to Curle. The team are so much better organised. Look like a team that know each other.
  2. Back 3 performing well today. Pidge hasn't lost a header so far.
  3. At the moment I'm a seeing a lovely camera shot of the North Stand. I won't be back 'till it opens (if I ever go back!)
  4. Shows what most of us were saying during the transfer window......no decent players down the spine of the team. Mo recruited wingers and full backs instead!!
  5. Blitz won't benefit from opening the stand. The club pay rent for all stands so don't save any rent by not opening one of them.
  6. The downside of this for me is that with no manager in place for next season it shows that the chuckle brothers are still doing the recruiting. Pleased to keep DKD but still worried.
  7. Just listened to Curle's post match interview. No bullshit and talked a lot of sense. Be very happy to see him here next season. Might not be the most exciting football but I really think he could get us out of this God forsaken league. He's the man who may just be the one tell Mo to fuck off and stop poking his nose in. If the Muppets let him recruit the right players, I thing we have a chance. I'm probably delusional, pissed or both!!
  8. In fairness Curle has got them better organised. Piergianni man of the match again for me.
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