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  1. Surely our luck will change soon, in all areas of football club!!!!!
  2. Just keep getting on the pitch after game or during really annoy the owners , let's get them out !!!
  3. Get jim Gannon as 1st team manager
  4. Bound to have our customary first day of season defeat, every season we lose first game and 2nd !!!!
  5. Mo lying I bet cause was getting stick, get us promoted and your forgiven.
  6. He gone wont be back cannot even be bothered to listen to it, move on people forget him
  7. Shrewd curle will get a few good ones in plus we might get another dylan in or 2
  8. Curle was a very good defender so should sort the defence out which was atrocious last season
  9. The retained list should be out today, hopefully curle has told most they wont be back july 1st for pre season training.
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