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  1. We must be down to almost no options now, though. Pidge a loss tonight. Him and McGahey forming a solid partnership. After those two, we've literally no option at centre-back.
  2. Lets look at the positives - we need an incentive to crank-up the protests and this week is looking like the ideal motivation!
  3. These people don't seem the type to want to appease the fans whether they turn up or otherwise. They've never suggested that the fans' point of view or money is important at any point. If people aren't paying through the gate, it's because at no point have they made the fans feel valued. If fans not attending is the difference between being in an embargo and not, then it's their fault for being so arrogant that they think the fans are unimportant. These people (not the fans) have destroyed the club and are responsible for it's current plight. It is therefore their responsibility to plug the gaps regardless of what the fans have done. They're too far down the line to suggest that it's the fans who are responsible here..
  4. We've given the owner our money. He's used it to give incapable players - his clients - contracts, which is why we are where we are in the league. I don't believe for a second he'd put the money where it's supposed to go if the boycott was called off.
  5. I’d take another 7-0 defeat again, if it meant he didn’t do the pre-match gig…
  6. You'd spend some money on the team, but the majority would be spent on making the club self-efficient. Buy the north stand for the club and get it making money 24/7. Make the whole matchday experience better, so people are turning up hours before and staying for hours after, spending cash. Splash the cash initially, but there's so many ways the club could be making money now, but the owners just don't have the finance (or forethought) to put that sort of structure in place..
  7. Do you send notifications out when people’s payment runs out? I paid a tenner a while back, but the ten weeks covered could’ve run out for all I know.
  8. Yeah, not completely blameless - I mean the manager must have some influence, because certain managers have performed better than others under the Lemsagams (for example, I thought Scholes was shite and was amazed that some fans saw his departure as the straw that broke the camel's back, while Bunn and Wild did as well as they could). The fact is though, the Lemsagams have destroyed everything about the club (it's "dead" as Metty said on the podcast) and have decided that now is the time to stop funding and leave the carcass for the manager to deal with. It was a shocking start, but the last three league games, in my opinion, have shown a very slight upturn and I'd be willing to give Curle a few more games to see how it pans out. But even if they return to 3 and 4 nil defeats, sacking him and bringing in someone else really won't make that much difference..
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