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  1. Trying to think of the other four home 4-3 games now. Off the top of my head, I can only think of Notts County in the Prem (Ian Marshall thunderbolt..).
  2. Can't knock the commitment shown in the last two games...they really wanted the win.
  3. I think there's a balance, but after 25 years of being shit, we have a right to bemoan defeats as they're an indication that history is likely to repeat itself (especially as they might mean we slipping out of the league completely). Defeats don't get me down at all anymore, but absolutely buzzing after that today. Everyone put a shift in - lack of talent I can handle, but lack of effort I can't and that lot will get my support of they turn in performances like that every week. Fair play to the players and Kewell today.
  4. Rowe's there today was a belter. Possibly Latics' best ever? I'd have to trapes through the works of Jose, Shez, Eyresey and Lee Richardson during their Latics days on Youtube for contenders, I think. Think the main contenders are Jose at home to Preston in his first stint, Eyresey at home to Plymouth in about 2004 and Shez at Hull in the Cup in about 2002. Any others?
  5. Do you know what - I'm coming round to your way of thinking.. Has players like Fage imposed on him and a squad generally with little talent, but can get them to put a shift in, on occasions, which makes up for the shortfall...
  6. Or if Abdallah knew how to treat people properly, with regards to McCann and Wheater..
  7. It's frustrating, because this lot do have periods where they look decent.. Wheater, McCann, plus Dearnley and McEleny back and we'd probably do alright..
  8. Yep. What he didn't say was massively obvious.. Terrible attempt to hide the truth..
  9. Think Scott Wilson might have been subbed after coming on as sub last season as a final attempt at humiliation by the club..
  10. Might as well. Whatever the politics, the opportunity to watch Latics from the comfort of your own home at 3pm on a Saturday isn't going to last forever..
  11. I'd be routing for Abdallah if this ever happened...
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