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  1. Here's your "Typical Latics" game to win..
  2. The head coach might make a marginal difference. A top ten finish might be achievable under these owners, but that is a really low ambition to have. This league is shit. The buck stops with the owners. The fact they’re so involved with the playing side means the buck stops with them even more so. We’ve no chance of getting a decent manager while they’re here. Only the desperate would want it. That’s why, for consistency and nothing else, we might as well keep Kewell. If we can’t get rid of owner and manager, we might as well keep them all..
  3. I can't remember the ins and outs of each case, but I would suggest the successes were stacked right against the odds if the owners were crazy in the same way ours are crazy (if fact it only started going west for Blackpool after they reached the Premier League and Oyston wanted to keep all the money, didn't it?). Ours have no money; don't own the ground; destroy relationships with players, staff and sponsors; interfere with the team and have generally obliterated the club's reputation. I think Kewell's in on it more than any other manager we've had under these owners, which is wh
  4. I am. The odds are stacked against clubs like Latics anyway. Throw in some self- destructive egotistical owners and we've literally got no chance. With the club's reputation the way it is, only the desperate (or owner associate) would come near the job.
  5. I'm well past "panic". Been at "cold, hard acceptance" for quite a while now.. We're regulalry being beaten by the shittest teams in the shittest professional league in the country...and I can't muster anything more than a shrug these days.
  6. Is handing it outside the area not a straight red anymore?
  7. Bounced into the goal and came out didn't it? Pah, that's the two perfectly good goals that were disallowed v forest green evened out..
  8. The standard of football in this division is soooo shit. Remember when we sacked Ronnie Moore because his brand of football to probably take us up in the division above wasn't what we wanted?
  9. Kudos on tagging players not being your style and knowing which posts to skim over and you're right - messageboards and social media are places where you can call people crap (for those that are turned on by that sort of thing..). But I think Saturday was out of order. Just because Jombati "isn't the first nor will he be the last to get called out", doesn't make it OK.. I saw the racist tweet you're referring to, I've also seen him referred to as "a prick" on Twitter and "a fucking twat" on this very thread. Throw on top of that the hundreds of tweets digging him out and I can im
  10. I don't think there's any argument about the level of performance he has been putting in recently.. And you're right - he is a 30+ year old man who's been in the game a long time and it might all be water off a duck's back to him. But then again it might not - especially some of the stuff which crossed a line. He's playing shit and possibly feels like shit - what exactly is that level of abuse supposed to achieve?
  11. Some of the abuse Jombati's been getting on social media is vile. He's not been playing well, but it's only football at the end of the day. Hope he turns it round and proves himself.
  12. I'm the same. No one can doubt his finishing recently. Quite a good fit for club at the moment.
  13. Think the song might be here.. 'Clean Latics Songs' (webservicesbc.com)
  14. The difference in imbalance in contribution to the team between defence and attack is embarrassing..
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