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  1. I don't think there's anything left to say... We all know what the problem is and there doesn't seem to be an abundance of ideas (or compromise) to take things forward. I wanted Barry to come out with a load of things that we could argue against, but the fact is he confirmed a lot of things that we already sort of knew about the way the club is being run and it just even more points to us being absolutely knackered. Incompetent people who don't even try to hide the fact they don't really care where the football club ends up are in charge of it's destiny. G
  2. Really good interview. Don't actually think he came off as badly as I was expecting. Luis Enrique hit the nail on the head. We need dynamism everywhere - at fan, management, team and board level. And there seems to be none of that anywhere at the moment and hasn't been for many years..
  3. Away days are always better supposedly. Could have one every week! Every cloud..
  4. Why would you want to kill the club? The only way to protest is to slip away quietly like 10,000 others have over the past 25 years? Look at the media attention Blackpool and Charlton got for the protests they organised. Charlton are certainly in a better place than where they were and the fans making a noise might have helped with that. Just not turning up to home games is what people have been doing for over two decades and during that time the club's headed in one direction and one direction only - why suddenly would that change just because a couple of
  5. A good listen. I do wonder, however, if things would actually be that toxic if we were allowed in the ground at the moment - we’ve been shite for over two decades I can’t recall one incident where the fans at Boundary Park have really let the ownership know how dissatisfied we are. Plus, there’s less fans now than there’s ever been which makes it less likely.. I’d also protest whether the owners are there or not. It’s not about them - they clearly don’t give a fuck what the fans think - it’s about making literally and metaphorical noise that might capture some media exp
  6. Unless sheep, cows and nice views are being considered as potential fanbase, I’d rule out Forest Green...
  7. Obviously there's a chance it might work with better players (not that I can see us signing any), but even at the top level you see avoidable goals conceded by trying to pass it out. I don't get why you'd risk it? The standard of some of our games this season - not only by ourselves, but the opposition too - have been laughable. Given we've struggled to get some basics right (controlling, passing, clearing our lines..) I'd leave the fancy stuff well alone.
  8. I think "dark age" football is what we need in this division. Getting really shit footballers to try and play it out from the back, for example, isn't going to get us anywhere..
  9. Does this mean he will spill the beans or he won't spill the beans?
  10. Snap your hand off for it at the moment...
  11. Just scorned from his exit and not in a mainstream media interview where all the questions are vetted and easily ducked... think it's an interview worth doing. Doubt it'll change many opinions on him, mind..
  12. Not sure that’s necessarily an indication (if anything, for those prices we should have shifted a lot more..). Some people like doing it and going to the game is more important than making a point about the owner, which I think is fair enough.
  13. Are there are still people who aren’t sure? Meddling in team affairs has directly contributed to us being in this division. If that wasn’t enough to convince people, then surely the following years of incompetence should be.
  14. Maybe he doesn't actually have anything to add. Another interview where a club insider avoids answering questions on the issues we really want to know about would just be a waste of everyone's time. The fans are pretty unanimous on where they stand on the way the club is being run. The fans have also done enough round-the-table nodding to check we're all on the same page this end, so it's time to come up with a plan to make change happen...
  15. I think it needs to be more pro-active than that. Fans have been disappearing since 1994 - has anyone ever called that "a protest"? It could be easily be misinterpreted as apathy.. If people want to support the team at home, I think that's fair enough. They shouldn't feel pressured into stopping doing something they might enjoy for the sake of these muppets running the club. Make noise away. Make noise at home. The more noise we can make about the state of the club, the better.
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