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Tranmere on RM

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A selection of comments from ONIGP...


Football has changed a lot, Ronnie hasn't.


What worries me, is that It's never his fault, It's always the ref, the linesman, the players, the fans, the tea lady, the kitman, the council, anyone except Ronnie!! If he can't admit he gets it wrong sometimes, he's never going to put it right.


The way its going we'll be going down WITH Ronnie here, half of our best players might leave in the summer, and what will he bring in, journeymen that are well past it and won't get us anywhere, and our youth is lacking in so much confidence we've got no depth at all.


That last game has apitimised the season under Ronnie, playing unattractive football and not making enough daring decision, a change is needed and needed now.


the buck stops with the manager, he is supposed to train them, motivate them, set them tactics to stick to and the put his head on the line and make changes when they need to be made. he's done a piss poor job of every single point i've just mentioned in the majority of games this season, hence our woeful position compared to where we could and perhaps should be.


Ronnie is saying the same again regarding needing only a few minor adjustments for next season.

If we got awarded points for talking about the game rather than having to play it we would be top of the league and Ronnie would be manager of the year.


The football is numb, particularly away from home, crowds are as low as they've been at this level, we're mediocre in cups, turning into BOREmere Rovers.


A play-off spot was ours to lose, and it's the second successive year Ronnie has done just that.


Oldham made the right call, so did Rotherham in the end, look at their sides now, money struggles, a lot of journeymen in the set up and all because the youth system was well and truly ######ed up by Ronnie, more in the case of Rotherham than Oldham. He's doing it to us too, which is why he should go now before we end up like Rotherham, up the creek without a paddle.


We have not improved one bit. Just because the players signed were better than the previous ones, doesn't mean we've improved as a team. We've gone backwards.

Time for a change, so thanks Ron for your efforts but it's time to look for new direction.


another season under RM is going to be exactly the same as the previous two, with him making amusing desicions and us falling short.


Ronnie out now, we're going nowhere under this stubborn pricks leadership.


The devil we know is a tactically inept, outdated individual who's management ensures teams to mid table mediocrity

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I think the RM issue should be laid to rest now.


The biggest dispute over him getting sacked was that he could've taken us up if he had a 2nd season in charge. But now he has shown with a similar sized club to ourselves that he couldn't improve the team's position from the season before. In both seasons under Shez we have finished 3 places above them and both were better than the one season Ronnie had in charge so it has been proven that Shez is a better choice of manager than Ronnie and that TTA made the correct decision by sacking him and appointing Shez.


So well done TTA and hopefully there will be no debates over RM.

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Comment of the year though is here...


Some Tranmere fans claim if Davies had been fit all year they'd be in the playoffs...which brought this reply:


Can't be bothered to look too much into it but take Oldham for instance, like him or not Lee Hughes had just found his form and was starting to score on a regular basis before he was ruled out for the season with injury.

Their captain Sean Gregan has missed the best part of the season through injury, likewise with John Thompson.


I knew there was someone we'd been neglecting to mention when cursing our bad luck. If only Thommo had been fit all year we probably could have got automatic.

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