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Apparently, he's not playing.


Only heard it from an unreliable source so dont hold me to it, just letting you know.


"Star winger not playing against pub team shocker!"


... next you will be saying we are resting Liddell too!





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:censored: ell, can tell why people on here dont want to post what they hear. Haha.

Just letting you lot know so you done back him first scorer or anything.

Taylor not usually dropped for games like this, or am I wrong?


My post was tongue in cheek - hence winky thingy!


It is interesting... shows that Tayls has totally progressed from young kid who will play every game for confidence and development, to star winger - wrap in cotton wool...


"oh chrissy taylor...."

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he was in the gym again today so probably not.


was gonna go over for a chat after i'd finished off my upright rows but he'd done one already.


second day running. :mad:


As i'm a member of that particular gym (although I don't frequent it as often as I should/need to) often it is those carrying knocks that are there. Many a time seen casualties such as John Eyre, Stammy, Pogs, Wijnhard, Haining etc... so perhaps CT has picked up a knock and probably won't be playing toneet, still gives Deano a go don't it!?

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I would start both JP and Thompson - there's no saying we won't need to call on them at some point so we may as well try to keep them active as they are here regardless. Plus it will boost our chances of getting rid come Christmas, and I don't much care if we lose on account of them being crap.

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