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West Ham to sue Arsenal

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Originally Posted by Sychev02 View Post

thought this was quite funny



Kevin McCabe, Sheffield Utd chairman has vowed to sue Arsenal after

losing 6 - 0 in the League Cup 3rd round. "It's not fair" he whined,

"they were better than us".


Commenting after his full strength squad was outplayed, outclassed and

totally humiliated by an Arsenal team whose average age was only 19,

he bellyached "If they hadn't beaten us, we might have gone on to win

the League Cup, I want £40 million in lost TV rights and a EUFA Cup

place, we might have even won the EUFA Cup, I think I'll sue for £80



The blunts Chairman was made to look like the low life scum bag he is

after 2 goals by Bendtner, a hatrick by Vela, and a debut goal by 16

year old Jack Wilshire, put his pathetic Championship team back into

the place where they belong - obscurity.


"It was past his bedtime, AND it's a school night", the greedy,

spiteful git whinged, "Do his parents know he's up this late? I

bet he hasn't done his homework - I'll telephone his school tomorrow,

and get him detention!"


In reply Arsene Wenger said "I did not see it"

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