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Chaddy End 8 - 3 Rochdale Road End

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Hope all you lot down in the RRE are enjoying the view of our goals going in. I sure am :wink: Always nice to see the players clapping the Chaddy End and the REAL home end still sucking the ball in :grin:


We certainly are enjoying the view, its nicely unrestricted! good to see the players are clapping youso you know we have scored just incase the pillars blocked your view of the goal;)

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Ross, you have no argument on this one. The RRE is the way forward and most people agree. All the problems in the current layout of the ground would be solved if people like you just moved for the good of the team. Then we can just shove all the away fans in that cow shed :mmm::lookers: :lookers:

John, as you can't behave yourselves and "We only score in the Chaddy!" it makes no sense to be moving us. We're happy as we are thanks :wink: I'll describe Lids' goal to you over a pint on Friday :wink:

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