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Hughes Dive

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Penalty looks soft - but nice to see the coverage showing the other Hughes dive.


Do you mean the one were he over-exaggerated his demonstration to the ref to show how the Hereford player had dived? It was hilarious, but he was lucky to get away with only a lecture, accompanied by captain Allott, under the current 'Respect' regime. The ref wasn't going to give him anything after that. Very funny though! :laught16:

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When for Christs sake will the assessing referee come out & state that the referee

had totally lost the plot.

In a game of very little physical presence until the Hereford player goes into a

minute of madness.

He booked Hazle for a tackle where he ( in my opinion) clearly got contact on

the ball before colliding into the Hereford player.

He overruled his linesman who was stood no more than two yards away who had flagged

for an Oldham throw in, when he himself was quite a distance from the action.

He gave Latics the benefit of the dought for the 'push on hughsy' for the disputable penalty

but missed two( again my opinion) stone walled penalty decisions later

by the way he's not the worst we've seen this season.

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but missed two( again my opinion) stone walled penalty decisions later


If you're meaning the Taylor one in the second half as one of them, that was never a pen in a million years. No-one appealed and Taylor lifted himself up rather sheepishly. I think he was more expecting be clobbered and went over but the challenge never happened.


Ref had a pretty poor game though. Bit fussy and totally inconsistant in his decision making.

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The two penalty incidents, Hughes' (the one given) N'Gotty did actually kick him, very very very lightly but, Hughes went down right away under his own strength. Taylor's (the one that got away cos it wasn't a pen) wasn't given cos Taylor went down in instalments and didn't even convince himself. here endeth the lesson, if you're gonna try to buy a pen, bloody buy it from the off and go down.

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