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NFL at Wembley

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That's turning into a monster weekend for me.


Up early on the Saturday to catch the Rugby League at 10, with the odd chassis straightener. Off to try and get into a pub in Swindon by 12:45 for the Newcastle v Sunderland game (which is always a good time to be out of the Durham area). Match. Race back to Watford to get the FA Cup R1 draw and watch La Liga games whilst having a few to end the night.


Sunday is Chelsea v Liverpool on telly (can't see any drinking before midday after the Saturday), before heading in on the train. Worked well last year, so no need to alter things. Afterwards head back to see if the Cardinals can give the Panthers their worst tonking of the season whilst making mad plans to go to far flung FA Cup first round games.


Monday. Drive back home.


I'm firmly planted in the San Diego camp.

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NFL shouldn't be allowed on there, it made a right state of the pitch last time.


I'm having it. Don't really care who wins. Just hope it's a good game. Should be with those two offences. As for the pitch cutting up - England aren't in competitive action for almost half a year so who cares?

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