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Walsall preview

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I loved the evocative description of our home town: 'the desolate and frigid wasteland, huddled under the brooding menace of Saddleworth moor, that is Oldham'


Luverly :wub:



That could mean a recall for veteran Sean Gregan, making up the former Bag Lady contingent with Lee Hughes





**reason for edit.... i understand now that its refering to West Brom

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"However, Mullen’s “hoofball” tactics have caused our opponents a few problems away from home this season so far."



Ah well, two away wins are good but we must sort out this home form, We never beat hoofball teams at home, we always get dragged down to their level but they are better at it than us.

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Love it.... crap teams are better at being crap than we are! So true!


It is.


On the deck we'll do anyone in this league, we've proved it.


These big boot teams play that way for a reason. They're good at it and they're playing to their strengths. Then we end up trying to match them!

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