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192 all out,42 for none in reply.


I had an argument the other day that we can't really consider ourselves the best test team while we consistently fail in the subcontinent. We aren't even in the subcontinent and are failing so on the one hand we are both right (he thought it was fair enough to consider us the best in the world going off the rankings.)

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Mike Keegan has just tweeted:


If this was pre-match fixing scandal you'd wonder if England had taken a few quid here. Shocking stuff.


Interesting point, I did wonder which Pakistan would turn up, they appear to have answered it with spades. Whilst there are probably still people guilty of nasty business who haven't been caught it is good for cricket to see the Pakistan side knuckling down and giving us a spanking. Cricket should be played and fought on the pitch not the courtroom.


We're being found to be coming up short in this test, we need to take a long hard look at the obvious faults in our game that are leading to us struggling in different climates.

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Test match special isn't working online, just had a football podcast on talking about Scolari at Chelsea and Silvestre on the way back from injury for United!


Switched to testmatchsofa, jesus wept, I thought this was bad when it was previously linked on here, it has got worse! More old boy and chummy than TMS which is exactly what they were tried not to be.

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Would you drop Pieterson and Morgan?

Yes I would, they are both good players but are currently incredibly out of touch.


I'd drop them and use the friendly games between tests to hopefully allow them to get some runs and get into some sort of nick, they are passengers at the moment.

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