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line up for sat

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Cisak.mellor.jean.tarky.lee.taylor.furman.adeyemi.morais.simpson.kuqi. .... Subs..bouzanis.diamond.winchester.marsh-brown.smith. .. Can imagine reid will need another reserve game before being ready even for the bench after four months out . Id have taylor over marsh-brown for workrate and the fact he would give better protection for mellor . Marsh brown coming off the bench against a tiring fullback would be a good option. Kuqi has to start for me goals will come, workrate cant be questioned .

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Dependant on whether furman is fit or not, i'm fairly surprised we haven't brought a short term loanee in.

It appears PD is reluctant to put either mellor or winchester in centre mid and imo it's an area for concern.

Games are coming up thick and fast now and a 'proper' central midfielder would help get us through this busy period.

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It's a difficult team to pick tomorrow with Furman out, Black and Diallo leaving us short at left back. Mellor would normally fill in there but Taylor has played centre mid to make up for Deano's absence, so does PD change that or the defence? What ever he does he will get stick for because it means square pegs in round holes.

If it was up to me:










Tom A





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