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  1. 1. Since the launch of the new look website, do you use the site...

    • More frequently than before?
    • The same amount?
    • Less frequently than before?

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Sometimes, when I log on, it goes to the old style news page and I have to click on the home page to get into the new site. Also, after initially being o.k., images and articles aren't lining up properly or text is overunning its boundaries.


The revamp does look more professional, I think maybe there are some cross-browser problems.

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Just the same amount as any other time. Only interested in the news not really bothered how its presented and layout.


If i was arsed about how websites and things were layed out and presented I'd definitely stop reading the Oldham Evening Chronic!! :wink:

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The layout of the new site is OK and its reasonable to navigate however the official MB is utter crap and this is probably the reason the old style board was shut down to force people onto the new one.


Instead of that, I'll be frequenting OWTB a lot more. Just have to come on here through Firefox or IE as AOL won't allow this site to open.

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