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so weres the next one coming from

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we win and everyone is over the moon - we lose (in the micky mouse trophy missing key players) and its all doom and gloom - dont get over excited when we win and so down when we lose!! people dont seem to remember they are 'supporting' a club which gets awful crowds and there for cant afford to splash out on top players - we have a young team and manager, what do people expect from Oldham Atheltic? If you want a team thats gonna win every other week, go and support Man Utd.

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Against County it's time for the players to do the home version of Portsmouth and prove a point. If they bag a win, it will be typical of us to lose against Scunny - but really Scunny and Coventry are looking winnable home games as they are struggling. Preston is the home game after that... The next two away games, Brentford and Crewe, shouldn't fill us with fear either.


So as well as being key for Dickov, the next few games are massive. Even if we lose/draw against County, there's a chance to go on a run - it's key we can win a few games on the bounce; that's the only thing that will start to cure our mental fragility, and as a result lead to the silly mistakes drying up

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