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  1. Glad to see the injustice of my Covid-19 relegation has been reprieved.
  2. Harry Redknapp won’t go north of Watford. Annoyingly, Ashley would probably be better than our current owner.
  3. Completely agree. It easily could have been double, if not triple the length and felt like everything was brushed over. Be good if another Pod, like UndrTheCosh (or maybe even the guys at the Chron) could get Stitch on for a longer pod.
  4. Whatever has happened in the stand today, and in no way do I condone the vandalism that has taken place, but that was an absolute fucking joke today. Selling cans and crisps from a make-shift table is just pure embarrassing. Lack of PA System, lack of lighting under the stand. Pathetic. Someone needs to crack their heads together and get it sorted. Fan’s bar was decent in the OEC, though.
  5. Should have received my money @Stevie_J. Thanks.
  6. Is it 2009 again? Can’t see this happening.
  7. Far too early to set any expectations for next season - things change far too quickly at this club. Agree with the OP though. League Two is absolutely shite, and very unpredictable week-to-week. If we can get some consistency both on and off the pitch, we’ll find ourselves there or there abouts next season I think. Far easier said than done with Abdallah in charge though.
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