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Dinosaur or pup?

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I support Latics which is bigger than a chairman, manager or player and am sad to see Dickov go but he has.


Thanks for the memories Paul.


So, the new manager, are we going for a relic or another untested player? If we go for the cheap inexperienced young bloke then there was no point making the change, if we go for the old head we could be stuck with a pig-headed back of fag packet chancer?


For me, anyone but Phil Brown.

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The only criteria for a new manager is "who can keep us up this season."


Plenty of names have been mentioned already, Adkins, Grayson, Brown, Reid, Dowie, Davies along with heros from the past.


At least 2 of the above have the balls to give this group of players the belief and direction to move us up the league to a position of safety.


I would approach them on the basis that it is only until the end of the season, which then gives us time to plan properly for next year.


Whoever comes in has a maximum of 16 games to keep us up 9 at BP and 7 away. All those home games are cup ties now. We need to make BP a fortress and pick up our points here so that anything away becomes a bonus and not a necessity.


I know the sort of manager we need and want it's just a case of can they be persueded to come here now.


It should be a no brainer for most of them if they have ambitions to manage again. For them it's a no lose situation. Team in freefall and they keep us up is good on their cv, plum 5th round FA cup game live on TV gives them media exposure and a chance to show what they can do.


Fingers crossed time.

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A young manager from the lower divisions here or up in Scotland would be a huge gamble. Would they have the experience to see us out of the relegation scrap we're in?


I think we need an older head in for the rest of the season. Some of the names mentioned might be out of our reach if we offered a long term deal; but on a contract through to the end of the season; maybe we could tempt a Grayson or Davies?


We need someone with the tactical experience to see us safe.

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