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  1. I haven’t seen Dearnley mentioned much in the friendlies, has he featured much? Surely not injured!
  2. Quality finishes last year but career stats maybe suggest the season was a one off. Still maintain that he does little otherwise but acknowledge that scoring is pretty important!
  3. Also adds very very little if he doesn't score.
  4. Matty Palmer and Missilou released at Swindon, bring 'em home.
  5. Be better if he signed on for the 21/22 season though!
  6. Good pre match interview by Curle again. I like getting his forthright views and tend to agree with his view of the club. It didn’t take him long to see that this is not a team of winners, and not really a team at all. It is clear with hindsight that pre season signings from the likes of Wrexham would bring obvious results,we need to be signing players released by league one and two clubs soon to have any sort of chance next season. With Curle’s playing background and his track record in management at this level surely he’ll get a big say with our signings.
  7. That’s due the majority of players he has to deal with. He’s probably giving Garrity, Hilsner and the like the chance to play for their futures elsewhere.
  8. Just as you develop things to like about the team and have a bit of hope they let you down again, appalling home record.
  9. Whelan was again good last night after an excellent performance at Morecambe. My criticism of him early season was that his passing was constantly backwards or sideways, real premiership coaching but uninspiring. He is now very good at firstly making himself available (not hiding) and it seems his first thought is to go forward. Impressive turnaround and Curle seems to like him. If he could tackle and shoot he’d be quite a player! Needs to add goals to his game to continue his progress.
  10. If the big six want to do their own thing then this should be instead of competing in our domestic premiership and cup competitions. This of course would be untenable to them but would open up our own league(s) and provide opportunities for those who often get little look in - Leicester winning the Premiership was a joy. I’d ask what footballer would want to compete in a closed league where home fans dominate the atmosphere and they are denied the opportunity to play for their national team? Of course they want it both ways with the new league being in addition to their presence in the Premier league with games played midweek. Weren’t they looking to reduce games? The natural consequence will be that they decline to enter the FA cup and League Cup. Shame on them.
  11. Follows much of the season’s trend, played some very good effective and entertaining football away but not at home. More of the same on Friday night?
  12. Think blaming Curle would be harsh, he has brought more structure to the team and has now realised that our players are not consistently good enough, something he has had to find out in just five weeks, we have seen them all season! oddly there have been some very good away performances, football wise if not the results, under Curle but these players won’t and can’t do it regularly enough to mount a challenge. Not Curle’s fault we have no forwards. Our home form however, both results and performances has been abysmal, why is that? Surely 2,500 home fans can’t make that much difference, and what happened to watering the pitch? all footballers prefer a wet surface. Anyway, he now knows what we need for next season and also who we don’t, something we wouldn’t have if we appointed at the end of the season. if he is allowed to get who he wants he’ll stay, if not then he may not. I for one hope he does.
  13. McAleney, DKD and Garrity not featuring. McAleney not prolific enough to sit out matches anymore, needs dropping but he’s lucky there are no alternatives, our defence and midfield have no options meaning we get the dreary passing along the back. Depressing home form again.
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