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  1. Follows much of the season’s trend, played some very good effective and entertaining football away but not at home. More of the same on Friday night?
  2. Think blaming Curle would be harsh, he has brought more structure to the team and has now realised that our players are not consistently good enough, something he has had to find out in just five weeks, we have seen them all season! oddly there have been some very good away performances, football wise if not the results, under Curle but these players won’t and can’t do it regularly enough to mount a challenge. Not Curle’s fault we have no forwards. Our home form however, both results and performances has been abysmal, why is that? Surely 2,500 home fans can’t make that much difference, an
  3. McAleney, DKD and Garrity not featuring. McAleney not prolific enough to sit out matches anymore, needs dropping but he’s lucky there are no alternatives, our defence and midfield have no options meaning we get the dreary passing along the back. Depressing home form again.
  4. The Scunthorpe commentary team made a telling point on Tuesday stating that we appeared ‘an easy team to play against’. Much as I really like seeing Bahamboula take on the opposition it is entertaining more so than effective. Until he learns to avoid losing possession so much he’ll play at this level. Perhaps why Curle isn’t totally convinced yet.
  5. I sort of get why Latics supporters would sooner pay for away games only but it’s a bit bizarre preferring to give your money to our competitors. Nowt so queer as folk.
  6. Big overreaction on here. that was an entertaining game of football. We looked much more organised and solid than previously, Clarke replacing Badan in a back three will much improve things. we passed much better but we still look incredibly small and have no aerial threat unless we put the centre backs up which we can only do for set pieces. If we had held onto the win the reaction would have been so different. The only contentious issue I agree with is the replacing of two midfielders at once, 10 minute gap would have been less disruptive. Trying to shore up the defence when one up
  7. I kept pleading for us to stop passing short from goal kicks, we are hopeless at it.when Lawlor did go long he put it out of play!!! whilst overall this has been a more entertaining season than we are used to it has also provided too many performances which are amongst the dullest I have seen in nearly 50 years of supporting Latics. Too many players have only the occasional good game (McCalmont, DKD, Mceleney, Bahamboula) some are consistently not good enough (Diarra, Badan,, Ntambwe) and we just don’t have enough height. Curle has a big job ahead, I wouldn’t keep many of this lot.
  8. Nicky Adams having a big say in team selection tonight, that will be interesting.
  9. The Oldham’s are bottom of this league too! (I know; that’s a good thing on this occasion)
  10. Ha, my first ‘favourite player’ alongside David Shaw and Don Heath.
  11. May be hard to hear this but there is a reason our ‘star’ players Bamba and MacAleney are playing at this level.
  12. We offer little attacking threat, amazing really that we have scored so many goals this season. DKD not in the game, McCalmont can only find a blue shirt if he goes backwards, the direction and weight of our passing is woeful too. playing from the back is going to kill us, we are not good enough at it. Apart from that...
  13. also, what did Evett whisper to Jamieson at the throw in just before the reckless lunge??
  14. Time Tasdemir turned up, he’s had enough training and game time now. Needs to perform much better tonight.
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