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Dear Dickov..

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Dear Dickov,


I would like to thank you for the good times. For leading us to a 3-2 victory over Sheffield United after being 2 down at half-time. For leading us to Anfield last year and giving me what was one of my favourite away days. For leading us to the JPT Northern Area Final, no matter how sourly it may have ended. For bringing in players like Cisak, Bouzanis, M'voto. M'Changama and Simpson. For getting rid of players like Colbeck, Fodor and Purdie. For leading us to a stunning 3-2 victory in the 2 time European Champions' backyard. For leading us to a JAW DROPPING 3-2 victory against the bin dippers. For bringing us our very own Jose Baxter Baby, but more importantly than all that for a being a true gent in all your time at Latics, I for one loved you as a person.


Unfortunately, results on the pitch didn't quite reflect the passion and desire you displayed off-field and that really is a tragedy. If you could have translated your enthusiasm into results then I am certain things wouldn't have ended how they have, if it all. Undoubtedly one of my favourite Latics managers of recent times, a real loveable character both for the fans (before the slump) and evidently for the players, who undoubtedly hold the utmost respect for you and the way you went about things.


Football is, however, a results business and when results aren't going your way something must be changed, in this case it had to be the managerial staff on offer. Whilst I have no doubts over your commitment, it has to be questioned, how can a man who is seemingly such a good man-to-man manager not get the results out of players of such a high quality when compared to others in this god-forsaken league? That question remains unanswered and hopefully a replacement will come in and show us why it wasn't working and how these players should be managed.


Mr.Dickov, I would like to wish you every bit of luck in the future and I believe you will come into work very season, possibly as a manager, possibly in a coaching role, who knows. But I wish you the best, and Paul, thanks for the memories.

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I agree and echo the above sentiment 100%. I, for the record did not agree with the sacking of Moorw but never have I been so down about a managerial change at this club (and since Royle we've seen a few). Top bloke, great for PR and I desperately wanted him to succeed and I really hope he does in the future. Players need a long hard look at themselves, they are better than a relegation fight and they have badly let Paul down. I work shifts so don't get to as many games as like - and I missed Liverpool - but ill be there against Yeovil and as much as a change was needed, ill look at that touch line with sadness when PD isn't there

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