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With Wesolowski and Philliskirk back (and hopefully CMac), Harkins, Worrall and Lockwood all available and possible new signings in the week (if threads on here are to be believed) I reckon we could definitely get back on track at home to Stevenage next week.


Granted, motivating the team won't be as easy for this game as it was today but if LJ can get the lads fired up pre-game and we get straight down their throats we could absolutely smash them.


Here's hoping, ey?

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Huge game and one that we will probably lose 0-1 unless we really take the game to them. I'd love to see us go 3-4-1-2 with wingers wide rather than wing backs:





Tarky (if still here)













Harkins could be the game changer for us now. Smith and Wes will have no problems with work rate and can give the back 3 extra protection if needed, Harkins can look to find the space in between the Stevenage defence and midfield, which he did very well today. Saying that, Harkins does need to lose some fat while keeping his muscle!


I really don't think 4-4-2 will work next Saturday.

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