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Report from Port Vale

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Excellent report as always and as upbeat as you could following Saturday's performance.

We definitely should stick with LJ he was always going to be a long-term appointment rather than a quick fix. However, I think he was badly let down by some players at Vale who looked scared of the opposition.

Oh and I think the car boot challenge was at Northampton?

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Tbh I think most of us missed the goal with the jail bait in 6inch heels and leopard skin dress was helped by the steward....that's after passing about 3,00000000 times across the back of the net post goal


Would give our warburton a run for her money...but Warbie would win.


Don't get woman who dress up like there going out night clubbing who attend footy matches. The most I do is my thermals and lipsil.....nothing worse than chap lips..oooo


Nice report mark

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