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Latics fun trivia

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Ian liversidge aka, bobby ball look a like trying to throw a bucket of water over an opp player from the old dugout.


Oh yes and the Classic Leeds game we played, their winger running down the right to the chaddy end, stride for stride with earl Barrett, ran out of pitch and wham......hit face first into the old pig pen metal work we still had up then....luckily earl just managed to stop himself their player stretcher off...heheh


Feel much better now thanks

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That fan who went arse over tit when retrieving the ball in the lookers, may have been late 90's early 00's!


Seem to remember him falling over the advertising boards and onto the pitch?

(Or maybe I have a vivid imagination!)

I remember someone doing this later on in 03/04ish.


Fan at Wigan who tried to invade the pitch, pants still round his ankles, didn't even make the grass and got chucked out for his troubles. Think that was 2003.

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