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and we complain about corney

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copied from another forum 


It was stated in court that BFC should be regarded as a "property business with a football club attached".

It has been on record for some time that somewhere around £30 million has been transferred out of the "football side of the business" into other parts of the Oyston empire, often as unsecured, interest-free loans to be paid back "at the sole discretion of the loanee".  These transfers included a payment of around £11 million to a company wholly-owned by Owen for services provided to BFC.  The only slight problem here is that the company in question was, and had been for some time, dormant!

Perhaps the most telling comment, from a fan's point of view, was the Oystons' QC's assertion that it was "safer to take the money out of BFC and put it into Segesta etc rather than "squandering" it on investments for BFC such as "buying players" ".  Says it all, really.

Within 24 hours of beating Cardiff in the Championship play-off final  -  reportedly the most valuable football "prize" of all  -  there were internal memos between father (Owen - owner) & son (Karl - chairman) discussing how they could remove money from the club without other shareholders/backers being involved and how much they could take.  Incredible!

despicable behavior 

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You normally have to be dead 5yrs to be nominated for sainthood. Mother Theresa managed it in 2yrs. St. Bede waited 1,164yrs.


Corney, is just a bloke keeping a bunch of skint football fans a club to support.


Guys like him are two a penny.

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