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Significant seventh signing .......

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Can't see it being fowler. Thought l read at the weekend that he'd been offered £22,000.00 a week by some club .... might have been Cardiff



Dont think it will be myself!!!


Going to get my season ticket in a few mins

will ask at the ticket office for any clues!!


Busy afternoon for my F5 button!!!!

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Great stuff... after the big long Great Refresh Button Marathon of a few days ago, I had been suffering withdrawl symptoms... I'll enjoy this afternoon as long as they don't string us along overnight...


cant see it being fowler but you never know.has local buisness interests and its not like he needs the money is it.


if not then who else do we have ideas about.....




also heard leon constantine is having trials with leeds!!! least we could pay him.

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An experienced top level striker - which top level? English, Scottish, League of Wales!!


Will it be Leon Clarke? Wolves being his highest level club


I think everyone expects/hopes Fowler, but I seriously doubt it, but I am prepared to eat my words


'All hail my Tache and everyone who sails in it. Psyco, Psyco!!'

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dwight yorke?

andy cole?

jimmy FH?




...or some absolute waste of space who has been knockin around league one for years, but has "experience"! haha!






has hasppened before! For 'experience' I hope it doesn't translate as 'owd and knackered'




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While details are sketchy at present, we have learned that a significant deal for an experienced top-level striker may be on the cards.


Does this "official" site work in conjunction with the club or not? If so, they should only be releasing info when the club says so. If not, then why are they the "official" site. I just don't get it.


I, for one, will not be pressing F5 all day long, just to be told the signing hasn't materialised and to keep visiting the site for updates.

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Got to be honest that while I think the signings so far do strengthen the team, they don't quite capture the imagination. They are potentially great and astute signings, but we need luck fopr them to work.

I am hoping that we have at least one solid proven signing.

Childish I know, and I do recall Big Joe getting the players that fitted the jigsaw, so I know that Shez has spotted the weak links and taken action. I guess I am being cautious.


I'll still put my annual bet on us though!

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