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Frank Large


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Thought I would post this on a new topic so as not to detract from the Bert Lister LOTW thread.


My parents are in the country this week, and I mentioned that Bert had died to my mum.


She went off on a long rambling story about how she used to go to parties with all the players in the 60s, with her first husband. She was name-dropping like her life depended on it - Jimmy Frizzell, Bert Lister, Bobby Johnstone, and some bloke called 'Large' (I keep wanting to say Eddie, but that can't be right grin.gif) who I've never heard of.


Apparently, she used to sit in Mr Large's car to 'shelter from the rain' (yeah, right, Ma wink.gif) when they were waiting for their respective kids to finish school.


(I know it's not really about Bert, but I didn't think Mr Large would get his own LotW thread.)


That's right. Frank Large - described in the 'Oldham Athletic Complete Record' book as one of football's wanderers (transferred ten times - played for Nothampton during three separate spells). That's a lot of opportunities for letting young ladies shelter in his car! wink.gif He was a dashing striker who brought enthusiasm and goals to all his clubs. He missed six matches because of a broken jaw ( doesn't mention whether that was anything to do with letting young ladies sheter in his car) in the early part of the 1966/67 season but had scored 11 goals in only 16 matches when he was transferred to Norhampton for a fee almost double that paid for him (£7,500) 12 months eearlier.



Frank Large (1965-66) was an enthusiastic goalscorer for the Latics. The much travelled player scored 18 goals in 34 matches and his transfer fee of £ 7,500 was almost doubled when he eventually moved on to Northampton. When Frank retired from the game he and his wife, Aileen, were the owners of a bed and breakfast establishment in Co.Mayo, Republic of Ireland. Big Frank passed away in August 2003, aged 63.

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If I remember correctly, Frank was one the Ken Bates signings who all made their debuts together with Ian Towers, Reggie Blore. The Chron Headline at the time was "Millionaire buys Latics".

Jimmy McIlroy was installed as manager soon after replacing Gordon Hurst.

Exciting times if you had supported a team with no brass. But Ken eventually moved on after deciding to recoup his investment.


Frank was large in name and stature, and was an old fashioned "bustling" centre forward.

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Frank Large.......had a barrell chest before weight training had been invented. Think it was beer conditioned but a good old fashioned centre forward without a doubt.


He was another one who would run through a brick wall for the cause and had a shot on him like a rocket launcher. Never seemed to stay long anywhere, but he didn't half make an impact while he had the chance. Where did all these barnstorming 'centre forwards' go?

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Prior to his signing, the club ran a poll amongst supporters asking the question " which centre forward do you want us to buy ", or words to that effect. Frank Large topped the poll by a mile, so management went and bought him.


Now that's supporter power.


In one of his appearances for us, he broke his leg after about fifteen minutes. Played the rest of the half, scored a couple of goals, and then had to be physically stopped from coming out in the second half.

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