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Little Drummer Boy - The Accused's Version

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I've just been told about this web site and the contoversy surrounding the infamous drummer boy and, as

I'm the "old guy" at the centre of this sorry mess, here's my side of the story.


First of all, the police didn't take it upon themselves to "talk" to me as the boy’s father suggests, they took it upon themselves to arrest me and interview me under caution on suspicion of shouting and pulling the drummers boy's hair (not ear!). Honestly, pulling his hair!!!!


Anyway, I first came together with the boy’s father over the Christmas period when I arrived to find his son, and more significantly his drum, sat in the seat immediately in front of mine. Up to then he'd been sitting more behind the goal, away to my left, but he'd gradually been drifting in the general direction of the seats that me and my family had had for 7 or 8 seasons.


There was no way on earth that I was going to sit listening to that inane banging for the rest of the match and I told him, in quite forthright terms I must admit, to move on. The drummer then went running straight to his dad (sitting quite comfortably at the back of the Chaddy somewhere, well away from all the racket). His dad then came down and had words with me and warned me about my language for which I apologised although it was not excessive by football match standards. What I didn't apologies for, though, was actually shifting the drummer, even less so when his dad finished the "discussion" with the words, "Go on son, bang your drum as loud as you can!!"


The next home match was Bristol City (Jan 20th) when I again got to my seat to find the drummer boy sitting in the seat in front of me!!!! How provocative was that? Had he been told him to sit there by his parents? Anyway, I did nothing and just waited for the lads who normally sit in these seats to do the shifting, which they did.


The Bristol City game was a disaster. We got battered and before the end of the match the crowd were leaving in droves. Great swathes of empty seats appeared, including the ones in front of me. The drummer could have moved anywhere in the ground but guess where he chose to sit? That's right, right in front of me! Clearly he had a point to prove and I responed by leaning forward and shouting "Sheridan's blue and white army". I may have put my hands on his shoulders, I honestly don't know, but I can categorically say that I never pulled his ear (or was it his hair?).


Next up was Tranmere (Feb 3rd). This time he's sat just 2 seats away!! Clearly, I wasn't getting through and so I complained to the stewards who established that he was a season ticket holder (why the hell couldn't he just sit in his allocated seat??) and they moved him on. This prompted another visit from his dad, backed up by 2 mates, and another not very meaningful exchange of views followed during the course of which there was never a mention, suggestion or hinted that I had in anyway "assaulted" the drummer. If I had, surely this would have been the time to bring it up?


I was so pissed off with things by this stage that I complained to Alan Hardy who turned out to be quite a fan of the drummer but he agreed to speak to the stewards to ensure that for future matches he would not be allowed to sit anywhere near me.


Result! I thought, but only till I turned up for the next home match (Millwall - Feb 17th) to find my nemesis in front of me, just a couple or three rows away! Yet again I complained to the stewards who moved him.


For the Bournmouth game (Feb 24th) the drum had moved 5 or 6 rows away; still a bit too close for comfort, but far enough away for it not to be a problem. However, although he'd moved away a little, his drum had about doubled in size - again, was he trying to tell me something? I thought he might be and that's why I asked his father if that's the biggest drum he's got when I saw him outside the ground after the game. His wife was clearly less than impressed with me and it's then that I believe the cock and bull assault accusation was hatched up - to teach me a lesson!!


Subsequent matches then passed completely without incident, drummer boy was still there drumming his little heart out seemingly totally unphased by the nasty old man who'd assaulted him and continued to sit just a few seats away every game!!


It's also interesting that during this time, the series of postings to the Official OAFC Bulletin Board started by "Brooksy" regarding the drummer boy (Brooksy appears to be the drummer's mate and handbag carrier or something) never once mentioned anyone assaulting anybody!


Anyway, despite all that, please try to imagine my absolute horror when the police turned up at my home and said I had to go to Chadderton Police Station to answer these trumped up charges! This was on March 22nd and in all honesty I can say that the only time I've ever come close enough to even smell the drummer's aftershave (assuming that he's started shaving) was on Jan 20th - the Bristol City game. Yes, 2 months earlier!


To cut a long and costly story short, the police said that the boy's parents had brought the charges. They also told me shortly after the March 22nd visit that they appeared to be having second thoughts. On April 24th I was told by the police that all charges had in fact been dropped. Even so, they said they still wanted to speak to me - don't ask me why - but everything was eventually sorted out a month or so later.


In all, I had this thing hanging over my head for over 8 weeks, but when it was finally "signed off" the police said that it just wasn't credible for someone to scream "assault" 4 weeks after the event was supposed to have happened? Does anyone still ploughing through this tripe agree?


So, why have I given up my season ticket ?


1. It just ain't worth the sort of hassle I've had to go through.

2. How anyone can get the police involved in these matters is beyond me and I just don't want to put myself in a place where there are people who would do that.

3. When the alleged assault took place I certainly didn't leave my name and address and yet the police found me with ease. How could that be without the connivance of the club? They gave me up with out a moment's hesitation and I feel a tad miffed at that!!

4. I wrote to Alan Hardy in the close season to ask what's being done about the drummer and he basically said "nothing". His helpful suggestion, though, was that I renew my season ticket and that if the drummer is still a problem next season, they will move me!!!


Well, I'm quite capable of moving myself, thank you.


As I said at the start, that's my side of the story; No charge to answer and despite the best efforts of GMP's finest, I actually managed to avoid being formally interviewed under caution (only because the officer dealing with this rubbish had phoned in sick), finger printed, DNA'd and christ knows what else they do to you.


And people still ask why I haven't renewed my season ticket!!!

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Having read the entire threads on the issue. My conclusion and view is that it all seems a bit handbags at ten paces and a bit childish. The fact both parties are on here and airing their views means this can come to an end. A line can be drawn under the issue and a compromise can be made to suit everyone.


Everything about this thread has confirmed why I left the Chaddy around 1998/99 or so. It has to put it bluntly. Gone down the "jon" in every aspect. No wonder so many Chaddy Enders are switching to different stands with each passing year if this is what it's like.

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Rocky,you have never been falsley accused of assault then,believe me it's not nice having that playing on your mind for a few weeks.

The only thing I have been accused of that's gone to the police was stealing the polish man's gnomes across the road from my old gaff's. That was correctly accused though as I sent them on 'holiday' when I was about 12 after he nicked and popped my ball.


I can understand the feeling of being wrongly accused and can imagine the heartache it must of caused. I would definately side with Rowzed from all that i've read. His words seem more detailed and full proof. Whereas all little drummer boys side (both his and his dad's posts) seem to have lapses where it doesnt quite make sense and contradicts itself.


However. I just find the whole aspect of 'infighting amongst fellow fans at games, a bit pathetic in all honesty.

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It all seems a bit sad to be honest. Clearly we have someone who is a genuine supporter who no longer wants to go. That in itself is a loss. Surely if the drummer had been assaulted rather than leave it four weeks he could have approached a policeman on the day. Hmm. We always seem to have plenty doing nothing. All very odd behaviour.


Now Rowzed reckons the club handed over his address too so he feels let down.


Maybe if the drummer had stayed in his reserved seat like any season ticket holder, we'd have kept those season ticket holders we've lost too.

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I think it's rather sad that Alan Hardy, with all his years experience at Latics, hasn't got the common sense to put some control over the drummer. To lose several season ticket holders of 7/8 years standing is pretty careless. It's not like we have a waiting list for season tickets! Hardy obviously thinks the drum helps the atmosphere, and maybe it does. But how hard can it be to sit the drummer and his mates somewhere else, perhaps in the corners or even the taped off bit of the paddocks? (Or maybe sit next to Alan Hardy for a game or two).

My sympathy lies with Rowzed, although I think he is being a little harsh on Latics if he thinks they could have withheld his address from the police.

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I don't know whats gone on with the "drumgate" saga but i do know that over 60% of people on here dont want a drum and thousands of people manage to attend games without one. Why cant the kid just watch the game like everyone else?

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from my position very close to the events , rowzed's tale is 100% accurate - mr LDB senior has posted on this board that he would be 100% truthful, honest, unbiased etc - total garbage. its clear that mr LDB senior likes his son to disturb others, deliberately provoke situations well away from his own quiet oasis furher away in the chaddy and then go running to dibble for malicious reasons. The same LDB who was in the company of racist behaviour at Brentford lets not forget.


Without keep raking over old ground just ask yourself folks : Whos in the right, who has been punished and who's a right pain in the backside ?? : You decide !! (i already have : rowzed, rowzed and LDB in that order !! )


either get rid of the drum sonny or sit with daddy and bash away and see how he likes it !!

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Final posting.


I had no idea that this message stream had started until I was told about it on Monday evening. Even so, several people were good enough to respond on my behalf and I would just like to thank them for their support.


I was surprised to here that the issue had become "news" but I'm glad that it has as you've been able to read both sides of the story and you can make your own minds up. You might also take on board the warning of what can happen if you're not careful.



Anyway, that's it for me - line drawn and on with the season.


Good luck to the lads; lets hope it's a good season on the pitch and on the terraces.

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Guest oa_exile

We have had the story from both parties and now ,This Topic is now CLOSED.


The new season beckons "Onwards and Upwards" B)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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