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  1. William shatner Ghislaine Maxwell Betty White Jimmy Greaves Linda Nolan Michael Schumacher Donald Trump Olivia Newton -John Billy Connolly Shannen Doherty (C) phil 28th june
  2. As we approach the final hours of a rather strange year, who’s winning?
  3. So we need the worst team left, away and we might get 10 tickets, Donny at home then.
  4. It says live stream, it’s not,Notts county v Harrogate it is
  5. There is a stream on YouTube, don’t know how good or bad it will be, so it’s a nothing game Bake off Boris you decided
  6. Bury....gone, Macclesfield.....gone today, with the in charge we will be next
  7. Morecambe away in August,in the middle of the school holidays was a dead rubber, so I wouldn’t predict a wild weekend in April
  8. there is a very nice spoons in Harrogate, next door to the spa baths, could be messy
  9. Personally happy with this, and I think it may happen sooner or later. But can the 24th northern club be a shit southern seaside club, so we can have an away trip.
  10. Big Arms was furloughed a few weeks ago, so why shouldn’t the players, (or turn uppers now and again )
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