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  1. Wish I had spotted that 😀. Sorry about the Americanisation.
  2. Doubt this will make much difference to our defenders. They never get within 2 meters of their man.
  3. Good. Now can you now give the lot of them a big shove, preferably out the door?
  4. So I have not been on this site for weeks. My daughter in a passing comment during a phone call says, "That's good news about lattices," I think the F****er has gone and someone has stepped in! What do I find, he's still here together with his interfering brother and a F***k wit of a manager. Bit of a let down to say the least. Is there no good news?
  5. We need a model, guy called Ferguson is free. We could get promoted to Prem 😀
  6. Sensitivity and specificity of PCR based test will be very high. However, an antigen test was mentioned in the press conference and that could be more problematical, as will the antibody test, because they will require certain levels for detection. Setting cut off points for positive/negative will depend on why they are testing. For the antibody test, if they are testing for presence of antibodies to enable people to return to work they will not want false positives as this could put those returning in danger. Surveillance testing to estimate numbers in the population are not so critical. This whole area of sensitivity, specificity and likelihood is fascinating.
  7. Exactly, criteria are not met. Case-fatality is low, HCID's are the likes of Ebola and the classification is relevant for containment levels required in clinical and laboratory settings. There's nothing here, I suspect this was originally picked up from the SLOG website.
  8. COVID19 doesn’t fit the criteria for HCID, fact. That’s not to say it’s not a problem.
  9. The only story I want to hear is that these clowns and their manager are gone.
  10. Just when there may have been a glimmer of hope.
  11. Whatever happens the lawyers won't be out of pocket.
  12. I think 'Wise Owl' said in an earlier post that "things need to come to a head," and I agree. I just hope that there is someone out there with a plan, my biggest fear is the AL pays up and we continue with this totally unsatisfactory situation. AL has all but killed the club anyway, so if there is no plan, perhaps it is better to end it now.
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