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  1. With the manager all but clueless he will need to make his own chances.
  2. The point is that nowhere on the ballot paper was mention made of the future relationship with the EU on exit. Equally no indication of the future direction of the EU was given if the outcome was Remain. So you cannot assume that all leave voters share your point of view, nor can you assume that all remainers are EU fanatics.
  3. The actual EU referendum question on the ballot paper. Here it is. Please read it very carefully. Remain a member of the European Union Leave the European Union (Unfortunately the image of th actual ballot paper did not upload). So a very simple question but what does it mean? Well, it means: Should the UK remain a member of the EU or leave the EU? End of. So if we answer ‘Leave’, it means stopping ‘free movement’? No, where does it mention that? Read the question. And getting out of the single market (which is separate to EU membership)? No. Read the question. But if we answer ‘Leave’, surely it means the UK stops paying a contribution to trade with the EU? No. Read the question. But if we answer ‘Leave’, surely it means we stop all those silly and expensive regulations? No, where does it say that on the ballot paper? Read the question. The question was solely about giving up (or not) membership of the European Union.
  4. Let’s play all at once, then we may have a chance 😀
  5. Thanks, at least he's still with us. Actually does it matter given everything else that is going on?
  6. Where has it been reported that Wheater is injured?
  7. Very interesting read. I am surprised no one else has commented. We've definitely got a problem.
  8. Are they any good though? Are they what we need?
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