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  1. Yet dkd gets double figures and he's branded as shite by a lot on here
  2. If there was ever a time for AL to bring in one of his lads its now! He's exactly what we need next to whelan
  3. https://www.oldhamathletic.co.uk/news/2021/may/14052021-retained-list/
  4. Is it too hopeful for a curle/mcaleny double contract signing?
  5. On paper you can say there's 9 good players. But fage, dkd, clarke, mccalmont are all very young as is whelan. Theyre not going to perform for 46 games. And even when they do perform is a 16 player game. As soon as they tire or get a knock, who do we have to replace them? Next season they will be better. But we need players around them aswell. Fage dkd whelan pierrgianni Adams, bahamboula and mcaleny if we can keep them will be strong next year. But they cant do it for 46 games on their own. So curle, although he's not impressed me much tactically, hasn't had a great deal to go with
  6. https://www.twtd.co.uk/ipswich-town-news/40296/town-interested-in-oldham-striker-mcaleny Well it was nice to have a 20 goal striker for 1 season
  7. Pierrgianni, Fage, CBJ, Adams, Whelan, bahamboula, McAleny and maybe DKD needed for next season. I think with around 10 half decent additions to that we will be ok next season. Dearnley if he stays fit. Other than that its a no for the rest
  8. Feel sorry for the 9 players jameson and Garrity started with. Worked their socks off only for Garrity to lose it every time he touched it an jameson to throw away all the hard work with 2 stupid stupid decisions. After that and with the subs disrupting too, they all thought fuck it. Id be the same. Dkd didn't do much as well as bahamboula, but they ran and ran and worked their players. Only for them to watch it all go to shit because of 1 or 2 players making schoolboy errors. And wtf is curle doing? Please stay mcaleny, please, but im goin to keep you on the bench and give Garrity 90 mins?!?!
  9. Whelan running it again. When he's got a seni decent player next to him it frees him up to run the game. He's gunna be massive for us next season. Defence showing what can be done when everyone is in the right position. Second half should be ours if we keep it up
  10. Salford got lucky that a few local famous players wanted a vanity project. FGR dont have moneybags neighbours. Harrogate only have Leeds. My point is that if I was rich and I didnt support latics, no way would I spend any money on them because there's no way of us getting more than 10,000 fans a game even top end of league 1. Morecambe have got lucky in that a few players have come on, jus the same as people like dkd and whelan could come on next season and smash the league. Common sense owner is thin on the ground
  11. I've said it for years, whilst we are in the shadows of 2 of the biggest clubs in the world, we will never get the base for a successful club in the climate that football has become. Unless we get an owner with cash on the hip. But anyone with money will go for bigger clubs. So itd have to be someone crazy. Which would mean a fan revolt. Which would mean more mediocrity
  12. Port Vale are in different time to us. Theyve had the majority of their years in lower leagues. So this is where they are. Theyve accepted it. We have seen better times. And its going to be a long time before we accept the mediocre times and people decide to come back because nothing changes. Irregardless of ownership, the last few owners have been as bad as each other, each sticking their own knife in. So even if we get new owners, I cant see them being any different to the last few. Because you have to be stupid to buy any football club. Never mind one with no assets. Ill still b goin to BP
  13. Straws being well and truly crushed at the seasides! The national leagues format this season has had no bearing whatsoever on the playing field in league 2 for 46 games. Theyve been by the worst teams in a very poor league. If they did win this argument then it'd have a knock on each league and go all the way up to Sheffield saying the shouldn't be relegated from prem
  14. Well that was shocking. Imo all down to 1 player, Garrity! Whelan clearly doesn't trust him, so its hindering whelans game so he cant control the game. Garrity has loads of the ball but doesn't do anythin with it. Then runs straight back dragging the whole team back so far that its congested for the defence and the front 3 are having to drop into their own half to have a touch. Then the pitch hinders them gettin forward again. Although I cant understand how weve got 4 of the back 5 all out of position for no reason at all. Jameson second guessing everytime he's got the ball coz hes on the wron
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