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  1. Won't get much in jan as he can go for free next summer
  2. Maybe they should bring back the pink special kit vs Leeds
  3. Its meant to be a special kit the third 1 so im trying to rack my brain to think of a significant kit in our history thats not blue or tangerine
  4. I always thought that song referred to blue home and tangerine away? I prefer it with black, looks cleaner and crisp
  5. Love it. Quality on this seasons kits is way above what we are used to
  6. Because we aren't the big boys anymore. Premier league and to an extent, championship, are commercially obligated to say yes we payed 10 mill for John doe. Lower divisions dont have the coverage so arent as pressured to be revealing transfer fees. Back in the day we were one of the bigger teams who delighted on announcing our bargain buys and staying up there. Now its pointless coz noone apart from Latics people care
  7. Leutwieler is a definite upgrade. Pierrgianni is solid. Clarke and mgahey cant be worse than clarke and jameson. Adams, Hart and whelan have all performed well and I think they are solid players. Bahamboula one of best in division. Hope knows the league. So I'd say a lot better than last year overall
  8. I expected him to be off and there's stil a big chance of that, but I also think if anything was in the pipeline then we would hav had money coming in to then offer Furman a better deal
  9. Lookin like bahamboula hope dkd are gunna be the front 3 this season
  10. Wether you buy at ticket office or pay on day the money will still be goin to the same pockets whoever it may be. Plus do we know that it will be pay on the day? Im guessing its going to be a very large following and will probs be tickets only
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