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  1. I'd start looking to form a partnership from now until the end of the season. Clarke is no better than diarra. Recent performances say he's worse. Pierrgianni is a beast. Might not be gifted but u get what is on the tin and like someone has just posted, he steadies his partner. Id much rather he steady diarra than clarke for our long term gain. I think diarra has something in him. Hes just not used to the speed of the English game yet
  2. agree with all that. Especially fage. Looks like he's fighting to get back in. And before he came on Carlisle showed how painfully slow our players are
  3. Thats because for some reason we struggle to play against poor teams styles
  4. I dont understand all this diarra hate? Hes won nearly all his header, he's blocked shots he's cleared lines. He been caught on the ball twice, both because not a single striped shirt was moving or within 30 yards of him. And he's probably got sick of punting it because it comes straight back. Been far better than clarke who has done nothing and lost his man for the goal. Bahamboula is gettin stick too now? Same reason. Noone showing for him. We are way to deep and Carlisle look like they have 20 players on the pitch when we go forward. CBJ been solid and probably the best player
  5. Ahh ok. Maybe give whelan a shot then and see if time on the bench has driven him any
  6. Bilboe Diarra Pierrgianni Jameson Adams CBJ Ntwambe Hilsner Bahamboula DKD McAleny Thats how i would line up. Ntwambe to do nothing apart from break up play which he does well and stop counters. And to sit their whilst adams cbj and the front 4 bomb forward. I think diarra pierrgianni and jameson is our most aggressive option at the back. None of them afraid to tackle, win a header and all dive in front o
  7. I'd rather he put pierrgianni up front. At least he'd win a header lol
  8. All shite apart from macaleny who I thought didnt have anyone playin for him and tried. Diarra did well. Apart from that I cant think of anythin positive. Why on earth would you take bahamboula off? Even on his bad games he's still the most likely to create something. Players abysmal and kewell got it all wrong
  9. theyve barely seen the ball and had 3 players around them with no support each time. No movement and no speed of play
  10. Its because clarke is playing shite. There was 1 passage of play where it was 2 on 2, jameson followed the guy with the ball all the way across whilst clarke just stood there watching and didnt even bother going across to the free man, who jameson followed the ball to. Then the ball came in and someone else cleared up. Meanwhile clarke never moved more than 5 yards. My Mrs who has jus started watchin us, isn't interested in footy really, but 1 thing she said was that number 2 is lazy and full of himself aint he. I couldn't agree more. Premier league spoon up his arse
  11. We've somehow managed to get a point, stay 9 points off play offs and gain an extra point on bottom 2 to 12 points lol. Crazy league
  12. Clarke was shite again today imo especially their second goal, he tried to flick it over the players foot 6 yards out instead of putting his whole body through the ball. Shameful how weak this generationof footballer is. Jombati I cant even come up with anymore words. Diarra and jameson came on and showed that they want to play. Cleared the ball, threw themselves at it, they didn't think twice about goin for the ball, they jus wanted to win it. No pissin about from those two. Desire to play trumps all for me
  13. Good job 21st doesnt get relegated then! 11 points clear of 23rd which is all that matters. An optimist would say 9 points off playoffs. Despite the frustration we have this season, I'm enjoying it for once. Normally I'm bored watchin us. Its been exciting and dangerous for my heart. But we have way too much goin forward to even think that we wud be dragged downwards. Also not enough at the back to be climbing upwards. Im hoping a few wins together will catapult us upwards but im afraid I think we will stay slap bang in the middle. But ill enjoy watching the games
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