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  1. Happens to anyone decent who comes to us, we drag them down to the usual level of shite
  2. All the back 4 are not good enough individually or as a unit. Everyone clammers for Jameson, or Diarra due to jombati being so shit. In reality they are no better, 1 a typical French lad the other a flyde reject.
  3. Who is the rep now ? Is it you? That's what I meant by are u the new baz?
  4. What is a decent manager ? She succeed then nearly always fail. I'd imagine alot is down to timing, right place right time. Not so much talent. Or u would have consistently good manager, who go to any club and succeed. Pot Harry in charge of Madrid I'm sure he would do very well.
  5. Change would be madness, we have improved slowly, look at how we started. We have a better calibre of players at least up front a few tweaks and we could fly next season. Things have changed for the worst in football with the sack culture, it hasn't improved things. Plus who is already lined up the youth manager, no thanks sticl with hazza!
  6. I think he gets a hard time, he done a good job, brought in decentish players, improved some and has to deal with mo. Defo keep him !
  7. The keeping fir element of sport will take an effect. Even basic running can take a heavy tole on Ur body. Couple that with week in week out hard training and tackles. Think people underestimate the damage that can inflict
  8. Agree with that, the figures haven't been tested on enough number and were pretty much shooting in the dark. It will become like the flu. Vaccine, where realistically the only people requiring the Jab will elderly or high risk
  9. I've definitely seen 10% said in more than one place.
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