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  1. Sooo 2-0 down at home we take a striker off for a midfield player and have the only other available “striker” at left back. A cunning plan!
  2. I’m not even watching for free now, first full match I’ve attempted to watch on ifollow. I’ll watch Netflix and tune back in if we some how score
  3. I keep thinking we have a player called Luke wilder !
  4. Watching a dodgy stream must have been behind, the streamer skipped their goal!
  5. If this is us on the front door, glad we’re not on the back foot!
  6. Thought cissie was shit? Got highs hopes for hopcutt! If he stays fit, looks to have real pedigree.
  7. Club might be a shit show, but looked at the pitch earlier it immense ! Money must have been spent
  8. I’m not saying I believe it… but u never know. Although just checked his goals for bury . He’s not even a striker really. Needs someone along side him.
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