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  1. Or he pretty much worked for free in one last desperate attempt to make it as a manger and accepted any shit that came his way. That said I grew to like him, would have kept him.
  2. Nothing will break the camel's back, if scholes leaving didn't trigger a reaction. Then manager on a six month contract, whose results are no better than kewell's, is hardly going to fire up what little fans we have left. He will leave when he chooses or runs out of money. I just can't see enough of an uprising to see him off.
  3. 21! I wouldn't put u with manky Mandy, sticky Vicky I was thinking
  4. Dont put yourself down, Claire has a friend in accounts, I can put u in touch if u like ?
  5. Someone needs to tell AL that imposter is not his brother. They don't even look a like! Cut him lose man !
  6. I like fage and pidge, but we have been shit at the back all season and have pretty much re signed them all again which worries me.
  7. A utd fan I know said he would change to Oldham if the league went ahead. I advised it was as a bad idea
  8. Always go by the rule, fit on the phone, add ten stone
  9. Did has ten goals and five assists in the league, that pretty impressive!
  10. Got Sam sad news Mike, he died... I'm not surprised u missed it. It's hardly made the news.
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