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  1. No chance we will go up, no midfield, no goal scorers. Hopefully enough at the back to just stay up.
  2. Cardiff… and he signed for them for 7 figures
  3. I’ve never been ticketed on b and q. Just don’t make it obvious. Walk towards the entrance, then double back when the warden isn’t looking at you
  4. Didn’t sound like he ever really wanted to be there, was signing for Bolton the day he signed for us and pretty much tried to leave without kicking a ball, due to not being paid
  5. So that money we’re paying diarra, Jameson and Baden we could have furman vastly experienced older player in the centre and 2 spare places for loans. Makes perfect sense!
  6. Go your daughter is more important than AL
  7. Back to league one for George … prob for pennies, we won’t see anything.
  8. Is there any point in having 3 keepers if we can Only sign 3 more players ? Surely we would be allowed an emergency loan if we were stuck
  9. I don’t think Sinnott is saying it’s nailed on or it will happen. He is saying that a club with a history of being a lot higher over the last 30 years should be at the very minimum, expecting a top 5 finish. I doubt for one second he believes we will be.
  10. I work with a girl who went to the British gran prix. She was meant to do one of the quick flo tests, then declare herself if she had it. She didn’t do the test and declared herself free of COVID. It’s the same with teachers, if they lie there is no way of proving it.
  11. He would have had a hard time … Saka didn’t one on till around 70 mins.
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