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  1. Year on year this league is terrible. Of we can find some consistency some how. We could scrape on the play offs. Or mid table keep the front 4 or 5 and have a crack next season
  2. But it's still Exeter! Not to be a snob but were league cup finalists, double fa cup semi finalists in the not so decent past, founders of the prem! And were celebrating a victory against Exeter, great result but depressing over all!
  3. Is the dino one new or the one he did a few months ago?
  4. Same shit no meat on the bones, those questions were weak and prob written by AL.
  5. When we sack him eveyone will be saying we should have kept him he was just starting to turn a corner.
  6. Was another 20 before I was born... u must be getting on abit?
  7. Is info dried up towards the end, hes done.
  8. What does he do behind them do people think?
  9. Normally agree with everything u write. But wambam doesnt make up for all the other shit we have been served. I will hold judgement...
  10. No see above we have had good strikers bit hes no mug
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