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  1. If he wins goal of the season with that I'll get some boots and I retired 27 years ago!
  2. I'd still have him and DKD making tea and sandwiches but don't ask them if they can tackle it!
  3. Cisse and Vaughan central midfield, Bambam at 10 and kept central, Whelan making the half time tea.
  4. Let's face it, Curly Keef is tactically inept. I know there are lots of injuries but Bambam and Vaughan are available and like running at the opposition and beating them quite handsomely, so why does Keef put them wide? Look at what a centre half doesn't like, they don't like being run at, or turned, or diagonal balls that split them, which is just what Bambam and Vaughan do well. Both these players attract two or three markers which is why sometimes they can't move the ball as quick as they would like due to lack of support. Put the pair of them through the middle and give the opposition both barrels. Going wide just gives the opposition time to re group, which is why they have to pass it backwards so much, very annoying! A good full back will always show them the line and any ball being crossed will always give the advantage to the defending team, as they will always outnumber the attacking team especially one that is as slow as ours at moving the ball forward. I will miss the next 6 games and if we don't get at least 3 wins he should be gone by the time I get home.
  5. In Spain he was known as Manodona, 'mano' means hand.
  6. For all their collective faults, would anyone who used to criticise Mouche, Missilou and Baxter (and I include myself on occasion) have them in todays line up instead of the weak kneed, lily livered midfield we have at present? Admittedly I'd rather have the likes of Redfearn, Milligan & Henry or Tony Henry, or any midfielder who can tackle to be honest.
  7. I don't disagree with you, I just think he has had more input than others
  8. You have to remember that Pete Wild, Frankie, Paul Scholes et al, had their hands tied firmly behind their backs by Mo's signings. Foreign imports are not as easy to come by now because of restricted travel and work from E.U. countries, so the availability of [those players] isn't there and we have to rely on cheap, frees and loans. Perhaps the most recent signings are therefore more likely to have Keefs input, if true, he must therefore take more responsibility unlike the previous incumbents.
  9. Just watched the lowlights from last night, one attempted tackle from Pidge for the penalty, one unsuccessful attempted tackle in the build up to the second goal. No tackles or attempts from any Latics player in the build up to the other five goals as no one was anywhere near the man with the ball, kind of tells you something doesn't it. Unless the opposition actually gives us the ball, no one is going to win it, f---ing Stevie Wonder could waltz through our midfield.
  10. Run a club, give me strength, they couldn't run a bath!
  11. Opinion on Curly Keef, now let me see. Team selection, not good. Team formation, not good. Free kicks on the halfway line going sideways, not good. Throw in level with the oppositions six yard box not going into their box, not good. Getting to the oppositions touch line then passing the ball back instead of crossing it, not good. Midfield players running along side their opponent instead of tackling, not good. Not pressing opposing defenders on the ball, not good. Need I go on? Tactically inept.
  12. Better times indeed but Bob had his Royal Navy pension to supplement his poor wages and I had his private physio clinic for the same reason.
  13. Anybody asked yet why we need two physios? Bob Jay worked on his own for donkeys years, as did Ian Liversidge, who also had time to run private clinics at B.P. both of whom had multiple players on the bench at the same time. Perhaps its the players who are big softies, two weeks out with a septic sock.
  14. Oh, I'd better wobble my head then, he brought DKD on for the second half instead of Vaughan who should have been on from the start, wobble, wobble.
  15. I really wish people would read the posts instead of interpreting them. I have NEVER said that the players can't concentrate, all I said was that it is a distraction they don't need. Now I'm off to watch the game.
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