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  1. Other things have excited me and made me go wow... but it’s been a while since any Latics player did that.
  2. Bamboozle. The first Oldham player to genuinely excite me and make me say “wow” for.... years!
  3. You’ve been saying this for years on here and never seem to take any notice of the answer. Again....NDA’s are day to day common practice in business.
  4. Was a big turnaround for Bolton for sure... as much about other top teams underperforming as anything. They’ve lost 13 games and been promoted! Cambridge have lost 14 and been promoted. That’s unprecedented. Awful league... Which shows just how bad our inconsistency is.
  5. can you share the full details of this buyer please? Thanks.
  6. Thanks for stating the obvious. We know this and what has that got to do with my post and the one I was replying to? Blitz has the club by the balls. Undeniable. The fact only one man of a certain calibre was stupid enough to buy it should tell you what you need to know. AL is a symptom of the bigger problem.
  7. ...and yet any prospective owner would still be left having to pay a massively inflated cost for the ground and would therefore walk away. At the risk of repeating myself, THIS is the biggest problem by far.
  8. Yes, but Zak Emerson will make it and I suspect a couple of other next year.
  9. Got to hand it to the management team. Incredible turnaround. Hamer needed the change and it’s worked, pleased for him.
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