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  1. Ticket News Ticketing Update 1 Hour ago Supporter Services would like to provide details to all Latics fans ahead of the new 2021/22 season. Season Card Collections The club has now attempted to contact all current Season Ticket holders via email to provide information on the collection of their cards. This will start from tomorrow (Thursday 29 July) at the Ticket Office which is situated in the Main Stand off Furtherwood Road at Boundary Park. The following opening hours will be in operation: Thursday 29 July 10am-7pm Friday 30 July 10am-6pm Monday 2 August 10am-4pm Tuesday 3 August 10am-3pm Wednesday 4 August 10am-7pm Thursday 5 August 10am-4pm Friday 6 August 10am-6pm Please note, one form of relevant and valid identification (for example, passport or driving licence) should be presented over the counter at the time of collecting your season card(s). Unfortunately, season cards will not be posted due to the tight timescales, but supporters further afield will be able to collect theirs ahead of kick-off next weekend at a dedicated collection point. Season Ticket Sales Following a complete switch to a new ticketing system and provider, the club will put season tickets back on sale for the Main Stand and Jimmy Frizzell Stand from tomorrow at midday (Thursday 29 July). These can be purchased and renewed online only by clicking here. More information is available by clicking here. Regarding a brief, but promising update on the North Stand, the club has had some very productive communications with the landlord and is hoping to make a further detailed announcement in the near future.
  2. How many other clubs do this? We are no different to 90% of other clubs are we.
  3. Very solid first half I thought. Decent. Half time changes definitely disrupted the flow.
  4. It’s fairly obvious that fan power was not the reason Blackpool was ‘saved’. Everything after “however” is irrelevant to OAFC. These are totally different scenarios. The key factor and catalyst was the court case. Undeniable.
  5. Tech can help, if it is used sensibly. VAR isn’t really the problem, it’s the implementation of it and the lack of awareness of its limitations.
  6. Except of course that the tech isn’t accurate enough to judge offside. The margin of error is I believe (approximately) between 6 and 10 inches either way, dependent on movement. That is why the Dutch solution, which is still only a partial solution, should be universally adopted immediately.
  7. Being in a decent part of London with a local authority that gives a shit and has a plan for the club and area surrounding helps massively.
  8. I think that’s a positive step. Now let him get on with it. Give him the full two years.
  9. The OEC and the ‘management’ of it is a joke. A lot of, what turned out to be, guff spouted in that early period of the FLG. Their site is still there to reminisce too...
  10. None of us know the details. However, the idea that people can point to Blitz’s words as entirely honest and transparent, effectively defending him, is bewildering. edit. I include the FLG and (particularly) the current management of the OEC in that too.
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