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  1. Surely we should just save Kusunga for the last game of the season so he can score his customary goal against the Posh.
  2. Re Tommy Wright - he was our coach under Shez and left at the end of the season when Dangerous Dave Penney took over, presumably because he did not fit within DP's plans and it was not his choice. So, as a coach, the club has got rid of him and now he's left of his own accord. In this fickle world of football, he's done nothing wrong.
  3. Ah so that's you Pete! Yep I enjoyed that, I felt like I couldn't look for the penalty too- thankfully we had to!
  4. Thanks very much for the comments! The commentary can only be as good as the product on the pitch, makes up for games like that in the past where we have shipped 5 or 6 though. Laticsrblue had been recording some prior to christmas, and hopefully will respond to this, but I will drop him an email too. Cheers Mike
  5. Hello all, Right, I've got hold of the iPod now so will update it prior to next Saturday's home game against Tranmere. Any requests? Mouldy Old Dough and the short version of Fanfare for the Common Man will be first on the playlist. Cheers Mike
  6. Hi again everyone, thanks again for the positive comments, it really is appreciated. Indeed the service hasn't changed since Ackey's day in the way it operates. As regards the music, not my choice but I'll have a word! Finally, if you get in touch with me on twitter today @mikeleylandoafc we will reboot as soon as we hear it's down (if it goes down). Also, I've dug out the comments below from Gordon which still stand true today. Hope you enjoy the game today. Cheers Mike Hello everyone, it is Gordon here at the club. If you lose commentary TEXT Roy on 07513 977361...he c
  7. Really appreciate the comments Stevie, and we shouldn't have 1, 5 or 25 minutes off air, we will do our very best to address this for Saturday.
  8. I would just like to clarify that I don't believe the young man that walked past the front of our wires etc (can't believe I used the word urchin last night, don't know why that word came into my head but no offence was intended) was seemingly nothing to do with our disconnecting. I heard a click twice and twice we were off. Quickly confirmed by Bob and others, we dialled straight back in. I think we were off air for a total of 5 minutes but sorry if your experience was different to that. We couldn't see any other reason for being disconnected. We had issues last year and sorted them out.
  9. It's been mentioned before on here, and certainly the Chron I think but Wilbraham's in-laws are from Royton and his father-in-law is a Latics fan - the Buckley family - so maybe there's more (very slim) chance of him coming here than most other strikers with a chance of getting to the Premier League.
  10. I have just read the shock news about Fred Austin, which is included in the article on the OS about Kevin Moore http://www.oldhamathletic.co.uk/news/article/20130430-deaths-799931.aspx Fred was a great character who I had the pleasure of accompanying to a few away trips, and he had some very funny stories to tell. I only spoke to him at half-time at the Swindon game when he called to say that we better pull our fingers out as Scunthorpe were winning, so it was a big shock reading that today. RIP Fred.
  11. Isle of Man again please! (Slightly different climate to the south of Spain)
  12. Although Hartlepool were pretty dire, the pressing in numbers high up the pitch meant we forced many more mistakes and gained possession from many more throw-ins than we usually do.
  13. Some interesting tweets from Matt Chambers about LJ's views on Baxter. Also Taylor's not involved in the reserves today - I'd like to see him being given more of a chance now. Showed flashes in the past of being a useful impact sub. Matt Chambers ‏ @ Matt_Chambers_ LJ wants Baxter to pick up the ball on the half-turn, in the "pocket". Probably behind one striker, a la partnership with Derbyshire # oafc Details [*] 1hMatt Chambers ‏ @ Matt_Chambers_ [...] But if you look on the continent, it is clever play that creates that killer pass to score a goal
  14. http://oldham-chronicle.co.uk/news-features/10/oldham-athletic-news/78616/corney-new-boss-has-to-be-right-for-club Just saved you 50p there!
  15. Would have no objections to carragher but only if he brought a highly experienced coach with him. That's where we failed with dickov IMO
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