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  1. This one is the one I’m looking forward to!
  2. Les Pogliacomi podcast going out today. Excited for that beyond belief!
  3. That was me sorry. My source told me the Academy Manager had been sacked so presumed it was Murray. Forgot all about Cadamarteri truth be told.
  4. Don’t think they look great but we’ve had worse. Main concern for me is the iron on badge. Every shirt I’ve bought my young ‘un the logo has come off after a bit.....is the badge going to do the same? Not paying £40 for in essence what will become a plain top with go faster stripes on the sleeves!
  5. Regularly car shared to games with Luke the commercial lad that got sacked. Would imagine they became friends.
  6. Straight away saying he was 20% working on football and 80% dealing with off field issues. Can the man not just take any responsibility for last seasons shambles?
  7. Well the 1 member of staff I know has been paid on time. She must be more important than the rest....
  8. I would too if he’d spoken to me or someone I know in that manner. The guys an utter helmet.
  9. Great initiative by the club. Know of one dad who hasn’t been for a while because his autistic son isn’t a big fan of the noise at the stadium so this will definitely get them back. Hope there’s others out there!
  10. Have I been living under a rock? What’s this about?!
  11. Problem is he’s an elderly bloke and he’s had thousands of people laughing at his expense. Myself included. So you could understand him not being happy about it. Most of us would laugh it off and but there’s nothing “soft” about not wanting to be laughed at. Especially as his picture was on twitter so everyone would know him and be laughing at him.
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