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Caption Competition Winners

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The time has come to announce the winners of The Awards Dinner Competition.


After some cracking entries, and... er... some not so cracking ones, it gives the staff of OWTB great pleasure to crown Nervous_Tic the caption competition winner. Nervous_Tic will now be our guest at the Oh When The Blues table, and will also be joined by Chris Taylor, who OWTB and its members proudly sponsor.


Nervous_Tic's winning entry, you ask?

" Jason, Frank & Trev required a little more choreography before they could spell 'YMCA'."


Again, we're pleased to announce that the second prize goes to Lags, and he too will join us on the night, thanks to his entry:

"Jarrett: One for the job centre

Sinclair: I'm a celebrity get me out of here!

Kettle: sorry Frank this planes booked for Ritchie."


It has been requested that we post all the entries up again, so people can browse through them. These will appear later tonight.


Congratulations again to both Nervous_Tic and Lags, we (well, some of us) shall see you there on the night.

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Thanks and all that, but I didn't come second. I was third overall. Please explain.


Despite your protestations. maybe you are part of the OWTB Establishment, Lags. In a move that even Robert Mugabe couldn't emulate, the powers that be wanted to make sure that you were on the table and just said you were second, therefore you are....







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Ok fair enough. Cheers for that, I'll be attending then. PM me with details etc.


To all those that voted for my caption, Best Regards folks!!

It should be a good night Lags.


PS, can you ask Jacko to let Phill out of the headlock now? :wink:

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Great stuff, this is probably the biggest thing I've ever won in a competition, thought I'd have no chance of winning. It was surprising enough knowing my entry had reached the last 5, so thanks very much to everyone who voted for mine.


See you next Wednesday folks :grin:

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Guest oa_exile
Its all a rumour mate, Chaddy wont be there on the night. He is not needed :angry:


Why ? :blink: what have you done now ? :shock:


I heard that Chadwell was going :lol:

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