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F.A. Cup Final

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The first F.A. Cup Final without a top four club for twenty years means that this year's game is very low-key in the media. I think it's great that the top four stranglehold has been broken. Those fans present at Wembley tomorrow will savour the day more than those who go on a regular basis.


I would normally support the underdog, even grudgingly when it's a Welsh collie variety, and even with the Welsh anthem being sung. However, I'm still waiting for Cardiff City's previous transgressions to be dealt with by the Welsh F.A., because they don't come under the jurisdiction of the F.A. in its own competition. I've written to the F.A. about this in the past, but the crazy anomaly still applies.


Then there is Portsmouth, the mere mention of which makes Mrs. Sideburns spit, and brings memories flooding back to me of that day in April 1987 at Fratton Park, when we had to sit with Pompey fans and watch Latics cheated by the ref, before ending the season in the Play-offs against dirty Leeds.


All things considered, tomorrow it has to be play up Pompey, Pompey play up! After all, I feel a sort of brotherly love for any club that beats Chasetown in the Cup. B)

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I quite like cardiff for some unknown reason. Think it's due to the support they always brought here. Superb Vocally they are Diego. :grin::wink:


Would be nice for them to win it, even though they are welsh. If only to rub it in the Premier League's face and finally have a chance to ram it down there throats that there is life outside the top league.




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blinkers on by any chance diego,that was a blatant handball.


I saw no intentional handball - I saw Calamity James push the ball onto the elbow of the Cardiff player, who was unable to get out of the way. I believe that, if the roles had been reversed, the ref would have given a goal to the Greedy League team. Call it blinkers if you want, but I wait for evidence to show that a Greedy League ref gives the benefit of any doubt to a Football League team playing against his employers.

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