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  1. Barry Owen’s absence clearly being missed already
  2. It was that bad today Birkett has scored Pidge and Blackwood as low as a 7/10.
  3. I’m starting to get a horrible feeling this Lemsagam fella might not know what he’s doing
  4. The tactic of buying shit British players instead of shit foreign players is clearly paying dividends
  5. I was thinking the same, surely if he is allowed to buy a football club with his track record there is no point in the test
  6. Usually one to wait to see new signings play for us before making judgement but we've had a pretty awful season and loaning two players that are not good enough for a team only six points higher than us in the league feels pretty bad.
  7. Top half in a shit League 2 and they say not to have dreams
  8. I just saw the Sky Sports update on my phone, that statement makes more sense. It would have been a massive surprise if they let them straight back into League 2.
  9. EFL to discuss the possibility of allowing Bury back in League 2 for the 2020/21 Season
  10. Heard O'Grady will be leaving and another loan signing coming in, don't have a name just it is another midfielder.
  11. I was a bit down on this signing as he doesn't look the greatest but then remembered I can vote on next year's kit and feel miles better now.
  12. Banide looked about as happy as I was to be there last night.
  13. Unless we pull off some big signings this week this is going to be a long old season
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