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Come on the Tangerines!

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Its gone from a quadrouple to a more likely double... Come on QoS!!!

I thought the Hoops had choked big time when those drawn games let these chaps in blue run ahead, at that point I would have taken it if you’d offered me a Rangers treble so long as they choked in Europe. Unfortunately I’d getting greedy now and they could, just could end up with a very large portion of egg on their faces. I’ve a feeling Aberdeen will be right up for it.


In slightly related news, it’s strongly rumoured that Rangers will be down at Selhurst Park for Dougie Freedman’s testimonial in the summer. I’ve been to Selhurst Park a number of times through comp tickets from work, I can safely say that I’ve never supported Palace, despite being in the home end. First time for everything

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After the referee induced "bad luck" handed to Dundee United against Rangers recently, I can't see them putting up too much of a fight against Celtic tonight.


And I could very easily see Aberdeen taking something from Rangers.

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What has this post got to do with Latics? Come on mods, banish it to the place it deserves to be.....GFC.


eeeeerrrrrrr!!!! oh yeah Gary mac plays for Aberdeen.....next season,come on we are all bored,it maybe scottish but it's football on telly and alot of us tics follow a scottish team(for whatever reason) :Scotland:

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