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Make or Break season?

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I think that if we get Demar on a season loan and let JP go then we'll have our squad for the coming season sorted.


I have to say that Shez has exceeded my expectations with his transfer dealings this off-season. The most important thing for me was that we retained all the squad from last season minus one or two (Kalala & Gary Mac). Not only have we done that but we have replaced them, added players in other places we needed them and given ourselves ample backup in all areas of the pitch (I've counted a squad of 26 players for the coming season with a lot of players being able to play in different positions). Squad depth is something that Shez hasn't had at all since he took over 2 years ago.


The only slight problem I foresee is that there could be a lot of unhappy squad members who aren't getting the first team football they were promised if the injury woes from last season clear up, but I'd rather have too many players than having the same situation as last year so the problem is tiny.


Onwards & well and truly Upwards!

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you have to remember just how many of our squad are youngsters








The united striker who i cant remember his name and cant be bothered looking it up

wolfy (ok, he aint young, but i certainly dont expect him to be challenging for a starting spot)


thats just off the top of my head. none of these players can really expect to be playing week in week out. granted, one or two will be, but they arnt the sort of players who will throw a wobbler if they are out of the team. wouldnt surprise me to see some of them going out on loan til january. smalley and allessandra would certainly do a job in league two, as would stephens as we have seen at bury, while black, wolfy and the united striker will be in the reserves all season. we might have a 26 man squad on paper, but it isnt a squad which consists solely of first teamers, so i foresee no problem with team morale

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The pressure on Shez is definitely cranked up a few notches now, with the purse strings loosened somewhat. I think he's more than aware of that too, but I'm pretty happy with the signings we've made. Some weak areas (expect left back) have been bolstered and we actually look to have a bit of grit in there now. A satisfying mix of experience and youth.

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I think if we reach the play-offs Shez's job might be safe but if we don't he will be in trouble unless we have a better cup run than we did last year (TTA are businessmen first and football team owners second and a cup run could wipe out any debts we may have for the year). Shez will have had 3 full years in charge by the end of the season and most of the squad are players he has brought in (or were youngsters when he started), this is a critical season for him but I really do fancy the Latics to get promoted this season. It may be make or break but if i were to bet on one I'd say make.

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