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Latics 6-2 Wimbledon

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I'd like to think the drug testers were sniffing around Olney's bags as well after his first :wink: I reckon he was aiming for the corner flag.


What I found more alarming was the salmon pink jacket and paisley waistcoat combo he was sporting in his post-match interview with Jack Deardon after the Spuzz game. Jesus, was fashion that bad in 1992?

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One question I've always had about this game:


This was probably the one example from the Premiership years where we offered kids for a quid and then put on a real show.


Is there anyone out there who didn't go to Latics, went to this one because it was a quid and still goes now because they got hooked?

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For anyone who's got Latics World, or even on a tape somewhere. Check out our 4th and 6th goals....

I think Hans had a bit of money riding on that game! :wink:



me and my mates discussed this years ago. fash scores an own goal, segers on the edge of his box practically for olnys first and i think he actually moves his hands out of the way for his second , not to mention he left most of his goal open


very dodgy

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